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Training & Support

Hot Dog on a Stick™ provides some of the most comprehensive training and resources for our franchise owners. Through our partnership with Global Franchise Group, we have cultivated teams of experts to guide our franchise owners through the process of opening, owning, and operating a franchise. Our training programs, support teams, and helpful resources can be invaluable to franchise owners at any experience level.


Training and Support

An important part of being a franchisee is the training and support you receive. At Hot Dog on a Stick™, we have rewritten the rules for franchisor support by training our franchisees before they open, and continuing to train and support them throughout the life of their businesses.

That means that your training does not end when your doors open. Rather, continued education and a network of support are both available to you for the rest of your time as a franchise owner. We have training programs before, during, and after your doors open, all of which help you be your best as a business owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a franchise is a life-changing decision, so we want all our prospects to be informed. We have a list of FAQs online, with detailed information for you to peruse. Answering your questions is our top priority, so if your question isn’t on the list, contact us to get it answered right away.

Resource Library

In the spirit of constantly updating our franchisees, we have a library of resources online, from which new and old franchisees can learn. Read our constantly updating blog, download an ebook, or get a quick dose of knowledge through an infographic. All of these resources are available anytime to help you learn about our opportunity.

As a business owner, you will never stop learning, and at Hot Dog on a Stick™, we never stop improving. The quest for the ultimate franchise training is never-ending, and our franchisees benefit from learning new skills and methods with us.

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