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Hot Dog Franchise Opportunity

Since 1946, our fresh, made-to-order menu items alongside our hand-stomped lemonade have been satisfying our customers. During that time, Hot Dog on a Stick™ has been hand-dipping hot dogs in our world-famous Party Batter and serving up delicious treats every day. Jump at our hot dog franchise opportunities to get involved with our classic brand.

Becoming a business owner is a great step toward independence. Not only are you free to make business decisions, but you are working for yourself so you can truly take pride in every high point and learn from every low point. The Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise opportunity is unique in that we have created a place for ourselves in the growing fast food industry, provided exciting opportunities to our franchise owners, and developed a brand that is one of a kind.

Restaurants generate $799 billion each year in the United States alone, so the opportunities are there. As a restaurant owner, you have the chance to get in on some of that revenue. Owning a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise also allows you to benefit from the many other perks of investing in our company, such as:

  • An expertise in the fast food industry
  • A system that requires no experience, just drive
  • A training and support program
  • A parent company with extensive training and tools
  • A delicious product offering
  • A straightforward franchising process
Hot Dog on a Stick Lemonade Trio

Before you start a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise, take a moment to learn about our opportunity.

Click on the resource materials above to get a head start on your franchise business. Apart from these materials, our pre-opening support teams are here to give you a hand. They provide training programs and resources on location, construction, and marketing. They’ll be with you every step of the way until your store is ready to open.

There’s a lot to learn about owning a Hot Dog on a Stick™, so get started!

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