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A Step by Step Guide to Getting Started

The process to invest in a franchise is fairly straightforward. The first thing to do is request information from one of our representatives. Then, follow these steps:

1. Complete the online application

Sent via email, this application asks the questions you would expect on a job application with additional questions about your income and liquidity.

2. Read the FDD

This document includes Hot Dog on a Stick™’s financial performance representation, which details average net sales, cost of goods, rent and labor figures, and more. With the FDD is an Acknowledgement of Receipt that you must sign and send back to us if you decide to continue further in the process.

3. Speak to a representative

We will schedule a call with you to go over the FDD, answer your questions about the FDD and the process to become an owner, and open communication. We will also take this time to determine your growth plans, areas of interest, and timeline.

4. Contact existing franchisees

Learn everything you can from existing franchise owners, who can give you an idea of what to expect based on their experiences. During this time, we conduct standard credit and background checks on you and any partners you may have.

5. Visit our headquarters and meet the team

We invite all our franchise owners to visit GFG headquarters in Atlanta, where you can meet face-to-face with all our support teams. If that is not possible, we will meet with you in your market or at one of our stores.

6. Sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee

If you are approved to join the Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise family, you will sign your franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee agreed upon in your agreement.

7. Find and secure a location

With the help of our real estate and construction teams, you will choose a site for your business and build it out to fit the Hot Dog on a Stick™ brand.

8. Conduct pre-opening marketing

The marketing team will assist you in pre-opening marketing support, helping you attract customers and attention for your grand opening.

9. Hold your grand opening!

With help from the operations and training team, you will learn the ropes of owning a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise from top to bottom, so that you are prepared for your grand opening and beyond.

These steps can be completed at your pace once the FDD waiting period has elapsed. The usual timeline our owners take is 30-90 days from start to finish.


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