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Our Product Offerings

Our Menu

The number one thing that makes Hot Dog on a Stick unique is our menu. Our delicious snacks pair perfectly together to create a dining experience unlike any other. Since we opened our first store in 1946, we have used quality recipes that our customers live for. Even as we have expanded to over eighty locations, we have stayed true to our roots and provided tasty, high-quality treats to our customers all around the world.

All-American Cuisine

Worldwide Hot Dog on a Stick has created a reputation for good food and friendly people. Our employees’ iconic uniforms—including the striped hat—are red, white, and blue with a splash of lemonade, representing America and our brand. Each of our products is made to order, so it is always hot, always fresh, and always tasty.

Hot Dog on a Stick

The combination of the savory hot dog and our signature Party Batter—which has just a touch of sweetness—comes together on a stick for easy-to-eat goodness! Our customers love the convenience, flavor, and freshness of our Hot Dog on a Stick!

Even better, this old classic comes in a variety of flavors, so your customers will always have something yummy to snack on. Whether they choose original turkey, veggie, or regular beef hot dogs, your customers will be satisfied with a Hot Dog on a Stick made to order.

Cheese on a Stick

This customer favorite is one of our most popular offerings. And what could be better than melty, gooey cheese, battered and deep fried? Only the option to choose from American Cheese, jack cheese with jalapeno peppers, or mozzarella cheese!

This made to order treat is everything customers love: warm, cheesy, savory, and made to order. Our delicious Party Batter—based on our founder’s mother’s cornbread recipe—is the perfect complement to the cheese in this enticing snack. 

Hand-Stomped Lemonade

Nothing pairs better with a Hot Dog on a Stick than our famous lemonade. This sweet and tart beverage will have your customers begging for more, and for good reason! Hand stomped every day at every store, ours is the best lemonade in America—and around the world!

Only the finest, freshest ingredients make the cut for our lemonade. Fresh lemons, pure cane sugar, and the key ingredient, personal attention from our employees, all combine to make the tastiest beverage our customers have ever had.

Customers can choose from a variety of flavors, including original, cherry, lime, lite, and other seasonal options. This lemonade tastes just like summer—and your customers can even enjoy it frozen for that extra cold kick.


Nothing goes better with a hot dog than fries. Our fries are outrageously good, made from extra fancy potatoes and cooked in a special combination of cottonseed and canola oil. Once they are cooked to a perfect golden brown, they are lightly seasoned to be enjoyed by the customer. Just like all our other menu offerings, we cook our fries to order so they are fresh and hot for our customers to enjoy.

Funnel Cake Sticks

Like funnel cakes, but year round. Like fries, but sweet. Our exclusive funnel Cake Sticks were invented to give our customers a sweet treat to go with our other menu options. Funnel Cake Sticks are perfectly cooked to a golden brown, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and drizzled with chocolate or raspberry. This twist on a fair food staple is something that your customers cannot get anywhere else.

Our amazing menu of all-American snack foods fits in anywhere: at the mall, at a fair, in a convenience store or travel hub. Anywhere that people go is a great fit for our delicious treats. Download our franchise brochure to find out more information!

Download our franchise brochure to find out more information!