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Our Training Programs

The beauty of starting a franchise is that you have access to training and support from experts in the field. At Hot Dog on a Stick™, we have specialized teams dedicated to helping our franchise owners with every part of opening and owning a franchise.

Thorough Training from the Start

Through our partnership with Global Franchise Group (GFG), our franchisees start out with training at GFG University in Atlanta. All our franchise owners attend this state-of-the-art franchisee training center.

Your attendance at GFG University will ensure that you, along with every franchisee from all our sister brands, has expertise and confidence from the start. You will take what you learn at GFGU and expand on it as a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchisee. At GFGU, you will learn everything you will need to know to operate your business day-to-day:

  • Running the back office
  • Maintaining bookkeeping
  • Managing human resources and personnel
  • Operating our systems

Pre-Opening Support Teams

After you finish at GFGU, there is still a lot to do before your store is ready to open. We have several teams dedicated to helping new franchise owners on the road to opening their stores. Some of the most important pre-opening support resources available to you are our real estate team, construction team, and marketing team.

Real Estate

It is no secret that location is the most important part of any business. A good location can help your franchise balloon into something exciting and profitable, while a bad location can lead to your business’s demise.

That’s why finding the right location is the biggest decision that you will make as a business owner. No pressure! We have our experienced real estate team on hand to help you vet any potential locations, determine pros and cons, and ultimately find the place where your franchise will fit.


Once you have found the location for your franchise, we have a construction team that will advise you on creating the perfect Hot Dog on a Stick™ look. We have cultivated an aesthetic based around clean lines and bright colors to create a fun atmosphere. Our construction team can help you recreate that in your own location.


One of the most important ways to bring in customers is through marketing. Pre-opening marketing is key to getting people excited about your franchise and getting them out there on the big opening day. Our marketing team works with you to build up local buzz and get the Hot Dog on a Stick™ name out in your town.

Ongoing Support

The training does not stop once your store is open! Ongoing support and training is what sets us apart from the other low cost franchise opportunities.

As you prepare to open your Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise, one of our corporate personnel will be there to show you the ropes. We have found that reinforcing our GFG University training with first-hand practice is the most thorough way for our franchisees to learn.

All our franchisees have access to:

  • Marketing teams
  • Calendar of events
  • Ongoing branding
  • Tech support
  • Regional events
  • Webinars
  • Conventions
  • Consultations with field representatives
  • Tips for employee training

By providing these resources on an ongoing basis, we add value to your investment and make franchising easy!

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