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Our Story

An American Icon since 1946, Hot Dog on a Stick™ began as the entrepreneurial dream of Dave Barham. What began as a small beachfront store in Santa Monica has grown to over 75 locations in the United States, as well as locations in Korea! And that beachfront store in Santa Monica is STILL serving our famous food and lemonade to beachgoers today!


Dave opened the first store in Santa Monica. It sold ice cream and lemonade to crowds at the beach.

Next, Dave used his mom’s cornbread recipe, perfected it, and used it to create the Party Batter. From there, he took his show on the road, taking his fares to county fairs around California. It was during this period that he perfected the famous uniforms that Hot Dog on a Stick employees still wear to this day. He called them “Red, white and blue with a splash of lemonade!”


The first mall location opened in Redondo Beach, California.


The second mall location opened in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Dave’s dream expanded when over twenty-five stores were operating in nine states!


The world lost a unique, generous business man when Dave Barham passed away, leaving his entire company to his employees. Dave believed that the people who worked for Hot Dog on a Stick made the company what it was, so on June 18, 1991, the company became an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.


Hot Dog on a Stick was acquired by Global Franchise Group, a strategic brand management company. Since August 2014, we have been expanding as a franchise and growing Dave’s brand, staying true to his vision: To serve the highest quality product, by the friendliest employees, to the greatest number of people.

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