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Our Brand Offering

What’s the best thing about Hot Dog on a Stick™? Everyone LOVES it! Starting a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise allows you to bring the joy of fresh-squeezed lemonade and delicious hot dogs to your community. Our dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality service knows no bounds, and it’s a difference you can see and taste in all our products.

Product Overview

We have been able to create a competitive advantage by simultaneously staying true to tradition and innovating new products. This unexpected combination of old and new, sweet and tart, salty and cheesy sets us apart.


Hot Dog on a Stick™

Our classic menu item, the Hot Dog on a Stick™, is hand-dipped in our world-famous Party Batter and cooked to order. Your customers will love being able to choose from the original turkey dog, veggie dog, or a Nathan’s Famous all-beef frank.

Cheese on a Stick

There is nothing better than warm, melted cheese that’s been battered and fried! Our customers agree, as this fan favorite is an incredibly popular menu option. Your customers love being able to choose between American, spicy jack with peppers, or mozzarella cheese.

Hand-Stomped Lemonade

Our famous, signature lemonade is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Hand-stomped in every store, every day, our lemonade is the best in America and tastes just like a sip of summer. Available in a handful of flavors—including cherry, lime, and lite—this crowd favorite will always bring them back for more.


A fast food staple, our fries are lightly seasoned to perfection! Cooked to order so they are always hot, fresh, and crispy, this side is the perfect accent for a Hot Dog on a Stick™.

Funnel Cake Sticks

A twist on a classic fair food, funnel cake sticks are the portable treat that our customers love. Cooked to a golden brown and dusted with powdered sugar, funnel cake sticks recall the excitement and vibrancy of a summer evening, but you can eat it any time!

Store Formats

The great thing about Hot Dog on a Stick™ is it fits anywhere! Everyone loves our delicious food: college students in between classes, teenagers hanging out at the mall, parents running errands with their children. Hot dogs remind us of summer and fun times that can be enjoyed year round. Because our products are so universal, we have a flexible franchise opportunity that allows you to build your store anywhere!

Traditional Franchise Opportunities

A traditional Hot Dog on a Stick™ store is what you picture in the mall: a brightly-colored space with employees in our signature, quirky uniforms, stomping lemonade. It is important to note that a traditional store does not have to be in a mall food court! Rather, this model fits in other shopping centers, big box retailers, grocery centers, or other mixed-use areas as well as the traditional food court.

A typical traditional store requires 600-1,200 square feet of space and benefits from the presence of entertainment venues like bowling alleys, shopping, other restaurants, and movie theaters. Nearly every city has boundless opportunities for traditional stores.

Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

Opening a non-traditional Hot Dog on a Stick™ store requires some ingenuity, but can be extremely worthwhile! Non-traditional opportunities include places like convenience stores, college campuses, airports, military bases, stadiums and more. Essentially anywhere that has high traffic and a lot of impressions can be a fantastic fit for a hot dog franchise.

More and more of our franchisees are seeking opportunities that are not inside the mall or shopping center, which is where these non-traditional opportunities enter the picture. The only limit is your imagination, so look around your city to see where a Hot Dog on a Stick™ will fit in.

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