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Other Licensing Opportunities

Hot Dog on a Stick is an adaptable brand that can open productive and popular locations in a variety of spaces. Whether it’s a kiosk, a food truck, or an in-line location, we can adapt our business to fit in a variety of locations.

Our adaptability allows us to work in venues with a variety of special considerations. Here are a few of the unique conditions we can adapt to:

  • Shared kitchen/prep space
  • Small spaces
  • High traffic in a short amount of time
  • Seasonal opening and hours

Market to Your Venue

Targeted, channel-specific marketing is essential to the Hot Dog on a Stick licensing strategy. Whatever your location, we want to make sure that our marketing materials speak directly to your consumer. That’s why our experts work with your team to create custom campaigns rather than relying on generic or stock materials. We have years of experience creating marketing campaigns for non-traditional locations that have specific needs.

Location Ideas

Non-traditional licensing opportunities are varied and diverse. Given the adaptability of our business model, Hot Dog on a Stick locations would be a great fit at any of these locations and many others.

Stadiums and Arenas: Hot Dogs on a Stick are great options for concerts, circuses, monster truck rallies, and just about anything else a stadium or arena has to offer. Designed to eat on-the-go, our entire menu is a great option for entertainment seekers who don’t have access to a table.

Military Bases: Military bases and their surrounding towns are hubs of activity. Between enlisted service men and women, their families, and civilian contractors, new people are constantly moving in and out of these areas. Hot Dog on a Stick is a recognizable brand that serves a product that can be eaten on-the-go as a meal or a snack, making it the perfect option for this demographic.

Travel Centers: Travel centers are a great non-traditional location option. Truck drivers, commuters, road trippers, and tourists are drawn to travel centers to rest and rejuvenate. Hearty and quick foods similar to Hot Dog on a Stick are already favorites at these locations, and with our adaptable requirements, it would be simple to set up a small Hot Dog on a Stick at any travel center.

Theme Parks and Attractions: By nature, theme parks and attractions are fast-paced and exciting. Hot Dog on a Stick is equipped to keep up with that pace, giving guests the option to stop by for a snack and go on to the next activity with their Hot Dog on a Stick and soda in hand. Alternatively, guests can take a break from the action to sit and enjoy a tasty snack to keep their energy up for a big day of fun.

Movie Theaters: Hot Dog on a Stick fits right into movie theater food courts and concession stands. A savory snack that can be enjoyed with one hand, our classic Dog is the perfect treat to enjoy while watching a film.

Boardwalks: Hot Dog on a Stick locations fit right in on boardwalks. After all, our first location was opened on a boardwalk, and our menu is inspired by the fun and festive atmosphere of summer at the beach. Between our hand-stomped lemonade, funnel cake fries, and of course our classic Hot Dog on a Stick, nothing says summer like enjoying our menu items during a day at the beach.

Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts: Families on vacation, corporate workers on a business trip, couples on a quick getaway, and everyone in between love our food. Adding a Hot Dog on a Stick license to a hotel, casino, or resort, is a unique way to offer something fun to your guests’ dining options.

Contact Us

A license deal with Hot Dog on a Stick brings our fresh menu and fun atmosphere to almost any venue. If you have at least 250 square feet, hungry customers, and a desire to work with an experienced brand, reach out to us today to learn more about the benefits and requirements of licensing with Hot Dog on a Stick.

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