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Non-Traditional Opportunities: Entertainment and Recreation

Non-traditional franchise opportunities (i.e. franchises that are not located in a mall or shopping center) offer franchise owners many location possibilities in locations you may not have even thought of. Some of our favorite non-traditional locations that Hot Dog on a Stick franchisees can take advantage of are entertainment and recreation venues.

Did You Know…

…The average American household spends almost $2,500 on general entertainment every year?

…Of that spending, nearly $600 was on fees and admissions alone?

…The amusement park industry earns $18 billion in revenue every year?

…Amusement parks grew by 5.4% from 2012-2017?

…63% of sports fans said that hot dogs are their favorite concessions at a game?

…The average hot dog vendor sells 150 during a single baseball game? That’s a whopping 10-12 thousand every season!

…The biggest movie chain in the U.S. earned over $215 million in concessions alone during just the 4th quarter of 2015. During this same time, ticket sales decreased by 4.5%.

…Hot Dog on a Stick franchisees can capitalize on some of this revenue by locating a hot dog franchise in an entertainment or recreation venue?

Why Entertainment and Recreation Venues Work

When consumers are seeking entertainment, they are often looking for an immersive experience. Whether they are spending the day at a water park or going to a concert on Saturday night, food is key to the full entertainment experience.

Many entertainment and recreation venues bring high concentrations of people in a short period of time. Hot Dog on a Stick thrives in these fast-paced environments where people are looking for convenient snacks that don’t skimp on flavor.

People are looking for entertainment and recreation all year round. Some of these opportunities are seasonal, while others are open year round.

Seasonal Opportunities

  • Water parks—Open during the summer in most areas, but some climates allow for year round business.
  • Boardwalks—Summer beachgoers make the bulk of your business. Fun fact: Hot Dog on a Stick’s first location was on a boardwalk in Santa Monica, California.
  • Theme parks—Similar to waterparks, theme parks tend to be busiest during the summer months except in warmer climates.
  • Sporting arenas—Depending on the sport, these arenas are open in differing times of the year. Many major indoor arenas double as concert venues, adding to the number of days that you will be open.

Year Round Opportunities

  • Concert venues—Indoor venues attract thousands of people in one night, which has the potential to result in high volume of sales.
  • Movie theaters—Though movies peak on weekends and nights, it is not unusual to see people trickling through every day of the week.
  • Bowling alleys—Because bowling is a popular weekend activity, bowling alleys can sell concessions to groups and families of all ages.


Hot Dog on a Stick fits in entertainment and recreations venues because we are an entertaining brand. Each store puts on a show for customers, as friendly employees hand stomp lemonade, dip and fry hot dogs to order, and provide smiling customer service. Add to that our bright colors and quirky employee uniforms, and you can see the “eat”ertainment value of our brand.

Adaptable Store Layouts

One of the many benefits of a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is the ability for our locations to fit in smaller spaces. We see stores in spaces from 600-1200 sq. ft. in boardwalks to casinos.

Portable Product

Is anything more portable than a Hot Dog on a Stick? When you’re catering to large crowds on the move, it’s important to have a product that is portable and easy to carry. Each of our stick items is easy to hold for those on the move. Our funnel cake sticks are another fun treat with grab and go portability.

Choosing a Layout

What is it that makes Hot Dog on a Stick work so well in entertainment and recreation venues? We are flexible. You can adapt your buildout to best fit your chosen location, helping you maximize the opportunity.

Food trucks, kiosks, walk-ups, and inline locations are all layout options for entertainment and recreation venues. Hot Dog on a Stick is accustomed to being accommodating for our franchisees in non-traditional locations.

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When it comes to non-traditional franchise opportunities, the sky is the limit! Look around in your community and you’re bound to find an amazing opportunity.

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