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Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities

A non-traditional franchise gives you a unique opportunity to operate Hot Dog on a Stick in your market. Non-traditional fast food restaurants differ from traditional ones in one way: location. A non-traditional franchise still serves the delicious and convenient Hot Dog on a Stick food accompanied by our outstanding service and quality, but at a unique location.

What Is a Non-Traditional Location?

A Hot Dog on a Stick located in high-traffic areas that are not inside a mall or part of a shopping center is considered a non-traditional location. Simply put, a non-traditional Hot Dog on a Stick can go anywhere that you will find customers, and the possibilities are endless (see the bottom of this page for ideas).

The appeal of non-traditional locations is simple: They can be flexible, unique, and special depending on the venue of the location. Each store creates a unique experience for the customers, while still delivering the fresh, hot, and delicious food that Hot Dog on a Stick is famous for. And that’s not to mention our sweet and tangy hand-stomped lemonade!

Hot Dog on a Stick Works in Non-Traditional Locations

We have the experience and products to make your non-traditional fast food restaurant work. Here’s how:

  • “EAT”ERTAINMENT: Day in and day out, Hot Dog on a Stick has fun, and customers can see it. Our customers love that they can watch smiling employees dip and fry hot dogs fresh in front of their eyes. Additionally, because our lemonade is hand-stomped every day by our happy employees, there is a little show at every store.
  • FOOD: We don’t want to brag, but with food as good as ours, it’s hard not to! We have made a name for ourselves by making food that is easy to eat from high-quality ingredients. Cane sugar and real lemons line the shelves of our stores. All-beef hot dogs, turkey dogs, Cheese on a Stick, funnel cake sticks, and French fries give our customers delicious options to choose from. And best of all, we still use the same delicious recipe for our signature Party Batter that we used when we dipped our first hot dog in 1946.
  • BRANDING: The Hot Dog on a Stick colors of red, white, and blue with a splash of lemonade are instantly recognizable, drawing customers in. Our color scheme is everywhere, from our signage to our cups to our employees’ outfits. The bright and funky Hot Dog on a Stick uniform, complete with the signature hat, sets us apart as a unique brand.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Each location is different, and we are the brand to meet your needs. Our flexible build out requirements allow us to fit our stores in areas some can’t. What some brands see as obstacles, we see as opportunities.

The Benefits of a Non-Traditional Fast Food Restaurant

At the helm of a Fast Food Restaurant

Non-traditional locations come with a wide variety of benefits for franchisees that differentiate them from traditional opportunities. Taking advantage of a non-traditional franchise opportunity gets you all the benefits of the Hot Dog on a Stick brand, with some additional perks as well.

These benefits include:

  • Unique customer base
  • More brand awareness in unique, highly trafficked venues
  • More avenues of growth outside of our traditional footprint

Unique Customer Base

Each non-traditional food franchise is different, so you can expect unique customers to visit each one. While traditional Hot Dog on a Stick franchises attract one type of customer—shoppers in malls—you can see how the non-traditional model opens up your location to appeal to a wider variety of people.

Part of the appeal to a non-traditional location comes from the specific group of people that make up your customer base. The location that you choose will have a direct influence on the customers you target. Usually, this means a captive audience. Think of beach goers near a boardwalk location.

These are some of the customers you will be able to attract, depending on where you place your Hot Dog on a Stick franchise:

  • Travelers
  • Entertainment seekers
  • Commuters
  • Shoppers
  • Students

Even better, these highly-visible locations do more than attract new customers. They engage with customers who already know and love the Hot Dog on a Stick brand, adding to your customer base even more.

New Locations = New Opportunities

Serving customers in a food truck

Non-traditional locations are chosen specifically for one thing: traffic. Wherever hungry captive audiences can be found is where we want to be, and non-traditional franchises capitalize on that. Choose a location based on the movement surrounding it to maximize your business.

The sheer variety of non-traditional opportunities means that your store can see a lot of traffic. Many non-traditional franchises are in locations where there is a lot of foot traffic—think a boardwalk, airport, casino, college campus, or big box retailer. In addition, many opportunities are in locations where there is a high volume of commuter traffic or cars—places like convenience stores or community centers.

Let GFG Help

Our parent company, FAT Brands, works hard to empower our franchisees wherever they are. That’s why one of the first things we do when we meet with a potential non-traditional franchisee is talk location. Let us assist your search in finding locations by leveraging our knowledge and expertise.

Some of the real estate team’s responsibilities include:

  • Assist in researching and identifying potential locations
  • Assist in negotiations with landlords
  • Assist with location design and store layout

We are the experts in fast food franchises. Let our decades of experience in franchising point you toward your new business’s home.

Need Some Ideas?

The following are just some of the non-traditional opportunities out there. The beauty of Hot Dog on a Stick is that we are flexible enough to fit virtually anywhere, including many of these locations:

  • Entertainment venues
  • Water parks
  • Boardwalks
  • Bowling alleys
  • Theme parks
  • Sporting arenas
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert venues
  • Military bases
  • College campuses
  • Train Stations
  • Transportation hubs
  • Travel destinations
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Ski resorts
  • Large office buildings
  • Convenience stores
  • Travel plazas
  • Big box retailers
  • Community centers

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