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Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

We are a family business with a franchise focus, and that reflects on many of our decisions. Scaling your business to incorporate multiple units and investing in one of Global Franchise Group’s other snack food brands are just some of the ways that the Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise model can work for you.

Why You Should Own Multiple Franchise Units

There are a number of reasons to consider investing in multiple franchise units. For one thing, the franchise fee could be discounted by as much as 50%, depending on the number of stores you open and your individual franchise agreement.

But the perks don’t end there. Here are a few more perks of being a multi-unit owner.

Scale Your Business

If you love owning one Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise (who wouldn’t?!), then take the next step and open additional locations! Owning multiple franchise units allows you to expand your potential and incorporate multiple revenue streams into your business.

How is scaling up done? Let us count the ways:

  • Staff and manager training are simplified with multiple units
  • Buying goods in larger quantities can reduce costs
  • Our computer systems and operations communicate with each other, making it easy for employees to work in more than one store
  • Owning three to five units takes minimal administrative staff in the form of managers
  • Sharing employees and managers across units can simplify staffing issues
  • Your experience running one store translates easily into operating multiple units
  • You have the potential to increase your marketing reach by sharing marketing costs between locations within your market
  • Once you have the hang of opening and operating your first store, you’ll understand the ropes for your second store and beyond

Area Development Agreement

In some cases, we offer an Area Development Agreement, or ADA, to franchise owners who wish to lock down an area. When you sign an ADA, you will have exclusive franchise rights to your area, allowing you to be the only owner of Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchises—and the other brands affiliated with Global Franchise Group. An ADA will set you up as the primary owner for your agreed upon market, effectively allowing you to corner the market. This is a great way to scale your business and open more than one location with any of our amazing brands.

Become a Multi-Unit Owner Now or Later

Not sure if you want to own multiple Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchises, but you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity? Don’t worry, you can make the decision to invest in another franchise location later. Once you have gone through the process of opening your first store and our internal approval process, you may have an even easier time opening a second or third store.

Own Multiple Brands

Because of our connection with Global Franchise Group, our franchise owners can invest in any of our sister brands as well. Opening a Pretzelmaker, Marble Slab, or Great American Cookies in your area is a great way to expand your business. Some of our owners even choose to open stores for multiple brands in the same mall as a way to scale their businesses because the operations of all of GFG’s brands are similar and your staff and managers can go from one brand to another with ease.

Traits We Look For

Our multi-unit owners are not too different from our single-unit owners in that they are hard-working and ambitious. The main difference is that multi-unit owners are driven to grow a franchise empire fast.

In addition, we look for someone with the following traits:

  • Organization
  • Passion for the business
  • Ability to see the big picture and not getting caught up in the details
  • Long-term perspective

As a multi-unit owner, you will have the opportunity to increase your revenue streams and build a chain of snack food franchises in your area.

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