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in Nashville, Tennessee

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Invest in a Franchise in Nashville?

Hot Dog on a Stick is seeking someone with business savvy and ambition to become our newest franchise owner in Nashville, Tennessee! If you’re looking for an investment opportunity that will allow you the flexibility of being your own boss as well as the structure of an established corporate system, look no further than Hot Dog on a Stick! At Hot Dog on a Stick, we strive to provide our franchise owners with opportunities unlike any other franchise, which is why we want to open a franchise in Nashville. Nashville’s steady economy and accessible business resources make it an ideal city to invest in. Keep reading to learn more about this dynamic and exciting city.

Prosperous Economy

Nashville is so much more than the headquarters of the country music industry. Although music is a huge industry in this vibrant city, various other industries thrive there as well, including health care, banking, and transportation. This diverse economy lends itself to economic success, especially in the face of the recession of 2008-2009. In 2014, Forbes ranked Nashville #28 out of 200 on its list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. The diverse industries were likely a factor in the ranking, as well as the city’s extremely high rate of job growth of 3.6%, one full percentage point higher than the national rate. In 2014, nearly 5,000 people moved into Nashville, and still unemployment remained lower than the national average. These economic factors will surely be a boon to the owner of a franchise in Nashville, as a low unemployment rate and high growth rate will keep your customer base large.

Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Opportunity in Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee Small Business Development Centers

Small businesses have such a huge impact on the economy that it’s no wonder that Nashville has a variety of resources for small businesses to take advantage of. The Tennessee Small Business Development Center, or TSBDC, is a statewide organization that offers free business counseling to franchises in Nashville, as well as the rest of the state.

Your Nashville franchise will be able to benefit from the collective decades of experience of the business advisors working for the TSBDC, who offer advice and resources on everything from operations to management to marketing. Your advisor will be able to assist you in understanding taxes, sales, information technology, public relations, and more. The TSBDC can even offer help with selecting your location and filing for licenses and permits when you open. If you can take advantage of this amazing free resource, your Nashville franchise is sure to get off on the right start.

Nashville is such an exciting city, from the Country Music Hall of Fame, to Graceland, to the various music spots within the city limits. There’s so much going on at all times in this city that it’s no wonder its economy is so prosperous and its small business climate is strong. When you open your franchise in Nashville, the city’s assets can help you grow your business right from the beginning. If you’re ready to be your own boss, click this LINK to find out the next step in opening a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise in Nashville right away.


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