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in Knoxville, Tennessee

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Invest in a Knoxville Franchise?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity in Knoxville, Tennessee? Do you want to be your own boss and enjoy the independence of owning your own business? Look no further than Hot Dog on a Stick, the gourmet hot dog franchise that is a staple in malls, shopping centers, and festivals throughout the United States. At Hot Dog on a Stick, we are seeking someone with a passion for business and an ambition to open the latest franchise in Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville has everything an aspiring franchise owner could want: a strong economy and a vast business support network dedicated to helping small businesses open and operate within the city. Are you interested yet? Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect when you open a franchise in Knoxville.

Strong Economy

When you are looking into an investment as large as a franchise, it’s important to understand the economic strengths of the area. Knoxville has many stable economic indicators, including a growing population and a low unemployment rate. Indeed, during 2014 alone, nearly 1,500 people migrated to Knoxville, but unemployment still remained under 6%. This is because the job market in Knoxville is growing according to Forbes, who ranked Knoxville in the top one-hundred cities for job growth.

An additional economic asset for your Knoxville franchise is the diverse industries that are thriving there: energy, telecommunications, and financial services. Each of these industries is completely different from each other, creating an economy that’s resistant to economic downturn and recovers more easily from times of recession. Your Knoxville franchise will be able to build on this strong economy to create a business with real growth potential.

East Tennessee Economic Development Agency

When you open a franchise in Knoxville, you will benefit from a huge network of business support resources via the East Tennessee Economic Development Agency, or ETEDA. The ETEDA offers free business counseling and advice to businesses interested in opening or relocating to the east Tennessee area. One of the most important services the ETEDA can offer your Knoxville franchise is information. The ETEDA can compile market research, industry analysis, utility reports, transportation analysis, demographic reports, and a general economic overview, all of which will help you prepare for business ownership in Knoxville. This information is invaluable when you’re looking for a location for your franchise, interviewing and hiring employees, determining wages, and more. The custom made information packages that the ETEDA can put together will be a real asset to your Knoxville franchise.

The time to invest in Knoxville is now! This city’s population and economic growth have the potential to become explosive, and it would be in your interest to open a franchise in Knoxville while costs are low and growth is still moderate. Getting in on the ground floor, so to speak, can help save your franchise money at the beginning stages when it’s most important. If you’re ready to own a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise in Knoxville, click this LINK to find out how to get started.


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Available Markets in Tennessee

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