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in Salem, Oregon

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Franchise in Salem?

Hot Dog on a Stick is excited to announce our newest franchise opportunity in Salem, Oregon! Salem’s strong economy and dedication to city development make it an ideal location for a new franchise. Business owners there can also enjoy the many benefits of owning a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise, including corporate support and ongoing training. Keep reading to learn more about opening a franchise in Salem and why it’s a great career move.

Thriving Economy

Salem boasts an extremely strong and diverse economy that is close to a huge portion of Oregon. Indeed, Salem is within an hour’s drive of Portland, the Pacific Ocean, and more than 70% of the population of Oregon. Your Salem franchise will benefit from the low cost of doing business, which is so low that Forbes ranked Salem #3 out of two-hundred American cities for the cost of doing business there. Additionally, job growth is at 3.5%, which is quite high and results in a lower-than-average unemployment rate in the city. As the owner of a Salem franchise, low unemployment translates directly to more customers for you, as a working population tends to have more discretionary income to spend on things like corn dogs and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

City Development

Salem is a city dedicated to improvement and preservation. As the owner of a Salem franchise, you can see how this dedication to its people sets Salem apart as a great city in which to do business. By constantly improving the city, Salem helps to ensure that it will thrive and grow for decades to come, and your business can thrive and grow right along with it. One major project that is recently underway in Salem is the Willamette River Greenway Plan, which is striving to create beautiful and accessible green spaces for Salemites to enjoy. As part of the Greenway Plan, the city is dedicating areas for mixed use, meaning retail, dining, and outdoor uses will come together to create a fusion of natural and commercial enjoyment. The Greenway Plan is just one of the projects that Salem is undertaking to improve the city for residents and business owners alike.

Franchise Benefits

When you open a franchise, you sign up to enjoy all the benefits of owning your own business without sacrificing the support and experience of a proven business. As the owner of a franchise in Salem, you will receive ongoing support and training from the moment you sign the franchise agreement with Hot Dog on a Stick, and the support doesn’t end when you open your business’s doors. Rather, we make sure to provide access to help with everything from marketing to technology to management, so you will never be left in a lurch when any issue arises. Additionally, Hot Dog on a Stick’s influential corporate system can help you negotiate desirable lease agreements and other contracts, which will help you maximize your business from the beginning.

If you are ready to be your own boss in this dynamic and exciting city, click this link and get started! Opening a franchise in Salem is just the way to jumpstart your career as a business owner.







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