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in Cleveland, Ohio

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity in Cleveland, Ohio? Do you want to be your own boss, but you aren’t ready to start a business from the ground up? Check out this amazing franchise opportunity from Hot Dog on a Stick that combines corporate support with the independence of owning your own business. Cleveland is the perfect city to own a business because of its fantastic business resources and the city’s dedication to development. And just in case you need another reason, we can’t forget the Cleveland Browns. Read on to find out just some of the many reasons why Cleveland is the perfect fit for Hot Dog on a Stick.

Business Resources

Because small businesses make up about half of the United States economy, they are integral to the success of any economy, large or small. Cleveland shows its understanding of the importance of small businesses by providing incentive programs for businesses of all sizes to help improve the city. These programs entice business owners to do things like create jobs, adopt green technology and practices, and build on vacant lots. There are also loan programs for qualifying businesses to obtain lower interest rates on revolving credit from the city.

City Development

There are many areas in Cleveland, especially previously used industrial and commercial sites, that are left vacant as businesses relocate. In an effort to prevent these areas from going into stagnation, Cleveland offers incentives to companies that will locate in these buildings. Some of these incentives, from the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio, involve money lending or tax breaks for utilizing the desired land. Several business show up in an annual report each year as having obtained land and loans in the desired areas, creating hundreds of jobs and retaining even more. These success stories include businesses that are relocating to Cleveland, moving within the city, or new businesses starting out.

The Cleveland Browns

They may have never won a Super Bowl, but the Browns are still an important part of Cleveland. This is exemplified by the detail and expense that’s going into renovating the stadium in which they play, FirstEnergy Stadium. The stadium is being renovated top to bottom, including new gourmet food courts, HD scoreboards, brighter lights, and improved seating. The good people of Cleveland will continue to have a first rate NFL experience as they watch their Browns play.

An investment opportunity such as this one will not come around all the time, so now is the time to invest. Hot Dog on a Stick fits with Cleveland the way that deep fried cornbread fits with a hot dog. To find out how to open your own Hot Dog on a Stick franchise, click this LINK.






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