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in Rochester, NY

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Are you looking for an opportunity to be your own boss? Does the idea of investing in a business excite you? Hot Dog on a Stick is looking for people like you to open the latest franchise in Rochester, New York. Rochester is a great location for a Hot Dog on the Stick franchise! Read on for just some of the many reasons why Rochester and Hot Dog on a Stick are a perfect fit.


With its population of 210,967 and population density of nearly 6,000 people per square mile, Rochester is downright cozy. The cost of living in Rochester is substantially lower than that of the state of New York, a full 27% lower, in fact. Indeed, the cost of living there is 11% lower than the national average, making Rochester a nice and inexpensive place to live and do business.

City Improvements

As communities grow and change, the city around them needs to grow and change as well. That’s why Rochester has several city development projects in motion. One such project is the Public Market renovation. This multi-million dollar project is aimed at preserving the unique architectural and historical personality of the market while still upgrading some of the infrastructure.

Another improvement project is the Bicycle Boulevard Plan, which will create cyclist-friendly streets throughout the city to make bike traffic safer for both cyclists and drivers. These streets will run parallel to the main roads in order to keep maximum route efficiency. This project is part of a larger citywide initiative called the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP), which kicked off in 2011 and is dedicated to accommodating cyclists on Rochester’s roads.

So, what do all these projects mean for you, the potential franchise owner? Well, these kinds of public works projects are what makes any city great. Rochester is committed to keeping its residents safe and happy, and happy residents make happy customers.

Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Opportunity Available in Rochester, NY!

College Town

There are over twenty institutions of higher learning in Rochester, so it comes as no surprise that the city is considered a college town. With 11,000 students at the University of Rochester alone, Rochester’s booming student population is a boon to a business selling hot dogs. Indeed, Hot Dog on a Stick will be a popular destination for student dates, lunch between classes, or a quick bite before a library session.

Because of the student population, there are myriad mixed-use buildings throughout the city, the most notably–and cleverly named–is College Town. This multi-use building combines retail, dining, living, and studying for students to get the ultimate college experience.

Opportunities for Growth

When it comes to expansion, Rochester and Hot Dog on a Stick are the ideal combination, like cornbread and hot dogs. Because Rochester is a college town with such a large population, there are plenty of people in the city to patronize more than one location. Indeed, a certain amount of the population is revolving, as students come and go, which creates an ever-changing customer base.

In addition, Hot Dog on a Stick’s franchise ownership was designed with the multiple unit owner in mind. Owning one Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is very similar to owning two or three, as the company provides ongoing training and support. Some franchise owners open multiple locations all at once, to truly dive into the experience of business ownership, while others open one at a time to acclimate more slowly. Regardless, Hot Dog on a Stick is there for you when you get started and as you continue to operate your business.

If you choose to expand, check out some of the cities surrounding Rochester that create additional great franchise opportunities:

  • Brighton
  • Irondequoit
  • Greece
  • Canandaigua
  • Newark

The time to invest is now! This is an opportunity that won’t be around forever, so if you’re ready to invest in your future and bring the Hot Dog on a Stick experience to Rochester, click this link.







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