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in Buffalo, New York

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Hot Dog on a Stick is excited to announce the newest franchise opportunity in Buffalo, New York! If you’re looking for a low cost franchise opportunity, Hot Dog on a Stick is the right choice for you. Franchising with Hot Dog on a Stick is the ultimate combination of the independence of owning your own business and the support of a corporate structure. Buffalo is the ideal city to get your business started in, with its steady economy and fantastic resources to help new business owners. And let’s not forget the Buffalo Bills! Read on to find just some of the many reasons why Buffalo and Hot Dog on a Stick go together like a hot dog and cornbread.

Steady Economy

As the nation has recovered from the great recession a few years ago, Buffalo has lead the way to recovery. With a cost of living over 10% lower than the national average and a population of just over one million, Buffalo has been able to maintain a relatively low unemployment rate of 5.5%. Indeed, these and other factors contributed to the city being named number 85 on Forbes’ list of the best places for business and careers. This distinction puts Buffalo high on the list of 200 cities in the United States.

Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Opportunity Available in Buffalo, New York!

Resources for Business Owners

Small businesses employ roughly half of the population of the United States, and as such are integral to a healthy economy. For this reason, Buffalo is committed to helping its small business owners get started and operate in the city. The city and the surrounding regional governments provide financial incentives and help finding locations for qualifying businesses.

One organization, the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, provides constantly up-to-date research and demographic information so that potential business owners are well informed. Buffalo Niagara Enterprise also helps business owners take advantage of financial incentives and select locations based on need and demographic. Any business that can take advantage of this resource already has a leg up.

The Buffalo Bills

As if you needed another reason to open a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise in Buffalo, we can’t forget the NFL team, the Buffalo Bills. The Bills just renovated their stadium, creating a state of the art experience for both players and fans. The stadium can hold as many as 70,000 fans, which the renovators had in mind as they made their plans. Indeed, the stadium’s gate and staircases were all improved and widened, making entering and exiting the stadium efficient and comfortable for that large number of people. In addition, there’s a new fan store, new concession stands, and new scoreboards, all of which add to the fan experience.

This fantastic franchise opportunity won’t come around every day, so the time to invest is now. As a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise owner, you will enjoy corporate training and support as well as the freedom of being your own boss. To find out how to open a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise, click this LINK .




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Available Markets in New York

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