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in Frankfort, Kentucky

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

Why Invest in a Franchise in Frankfort?

Hot Dog on a Stick is excited to announce our latest franchise opportunity in Frankfort, Kentucky! Opening a franchise in Frankfort is a great way to jumpstart your career as a business owner. This city has a rich history and is full of dynamic, exciting people and culture. In addition, the state of Kentucky offers a variety of resources to help small business owners, which your Frankfort franchise can take advantage of with ease. If you’re looking for an opportunity to be your own boss and own a business with a supportive corporate structure, look no further than Hot Dog on a Stick! Keep reading to learn why a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise in Frankfort is an amazing business decision.

Kentucky Historical Society

Kentucky is a richly historical state, having endured occupation by Confederate troops, a near takeover by the Spanish empire, and many other exciting events throughout history. As such, the Kentucky Historical Society, or KHS, takes great care to preserve and educate Kentuckians about this amazing history. The KHS preserves three buildings in Frankfort and possesses 120,000 artifacts in its various museum collections. By working with local schools and teachers, the KHS is able to instill in the youth of Kentucky a love of history, an understanding of their state’s heritage, and a love of learning that goes well beyond field trips and exhibits.

As the owner of a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise in Frankfort, you may not directly benefit from the Kentucky Historical Society. That being said, a community that is dedicated to its history and heritage brings a richness to every facet of life in the area, so it’s always worthwhile for a business owner to understand and appreciate the community’s dynamic culture.

Cabinet for Economic Development

Small businesses are a key part of economic success, which is why the state of Kentucky has a board dedicated to helping small businesses and franchises in Frankfort, as well as the rest of the state. The Cabinet for Economic Development is an office in the state government that offers resources to business owners. The Cabinet essentially assigns a project manager to each individual business in order to maintain confidentiality and establish familiarity between the Cabinet and the business owner. The project manager then assists with various things the business might need help with, including site selection, finding funding, finding reliable data, training, and more. The project manager can also act as a liaison between the business and the government offices in charge of licensing and permits.

When you open your franchise in Frankfort, taking advantage of these amazing resources will help you get started the right way. Furthermore, establishing contacts with the cabinet can also help your Frankfort franchise grow, as the cabinet has a myriad of resources for expanding businesses as well.

There’s no time to delay! Investing in a franchise in Frankfort is a great business opportunity that does not come around all the time. With Frankfort’s vibrant history and useful business resources, your franchise will be able to grow and expand in no time. If you’re ready to be your own boss, click this LINK to find out the next step in opening a franchise in Frankfort.




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