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in San Diego, CA

Invest in a Hot Opportunity

Would you like to build your own franchise empire? Now’s the time to do it!

San Diego offers aspiring Hot Dog on a Stick franchisees a beautiful place to start a business empire. Located in pristine southern California, this city is an international vacation destination and one of the most coveted places to live.

Beautifully Bountiful

The climate in San Diego has been declared one of the top ten best climates by the Farmer’s Almanac and one of the two best summer climates in the United States by The Weather Channel. With daily temperatures in the 70s for over 200 days a year, there is always something to do in San Diego. The city’s 70 miles of world-famous coastline invite residents and tourists to enjoy many a day at the beach, making it a perfect location for Hot Dog on a Stick’s boardwalk-based products.


Boasting over 1.3 million residents and a population density of about 4,000 residents per square mile, San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eighth largest city in the United States. The city’s population is expected to continue to grow at a steady rate of around three percent for the foreseeable future. With the large existing population and the influx of new residents and tourists, the city presents an opportunity for franchisees to thrive and expand.


With several popular professional teams, San Diego attracts hot-dog-loving sports fans from around the globe. Tourists also come from around the world to visit San Diego’s many museums, theaters, historical sites, amusement parks and zoos. The city is also a constant host to music festivals, national conventions and beer tours that draw numerous visitors to the city each year. The consistent flow of patronage through the city makes San Diego a great place for a new franchise venture.

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Available Markets in California

  • Sacramento
  • Long Beach
  • Oakland
  • Bakersfield
  • Anaheim
  • Santa Ana