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Licensing Opportunities: Airports

Hot Dog on a Stick Fits in a Terminal

Consumer needs and wants in their air travel are evolving, and airports stay relevant and profitable by evolving to meet those needs. Travelers today are looking for unique dining experiences that go beyond the stale coffee and turkey sandwich of past years. Fresh food made to order with fine ingredients is just what passengers are looking for, and Hot Dog on a Stick is here to give it to them.

Our adaptable store formats are perfect for airport terminals or concourses. We work with you to utilize our experience in giving customers the food they love when you license our brand in your airport.

We Fit in Small Spaces

Limited space inside airports is not an obstacle for Hot Dog on a Stick. We have formatted our stores to be as small as 400 square feet, which means that we are uniquely suited for even the smallest spaces in an airport. As passengers pass security and pass through terminals, they can grab a meal or snack from one of our layout options:

Kiosk – Hot Dog on a Stick is the perfect brand to fit in the ever-popular kiosks. These small and convenient locations cater well to hurrying passengers, where and our grab-and-go food is an ideal option that will stand out to travelers. Our bright colors and quirky uniforms catch enplanements’ eyes; then they stick around to grab a made-to-order Hot Dog on a Stick and a cup of our hand-stomped lemonade before they head off to their destination. Even better, a kiosk can be a standalone location or a satellite to another Hot Dog on a Stick store elsewhere in the airport.

Satellite – A satellite store can serve passengers from a limited menu, making these micro-sites a smart option where space is tight. Travelers swing by the satellite, then head off to the gate, hot dog and lemonade in hand. Satellites work in conjunction with a larger store where the hot dogs on a stick, fries, and lemonade are prepared to our high standard, giving a boost to your airport’s offerings.

Inline – When you compare an inline location to a satellite or kiosk, it is downright roomy! Inline stores take up a little more space in your terminal and serve our full menu to customers looking for something to eat before takeoff. These stores capitalize on the captive audience of passengers waiting to board as well as shared seating with other restaurants nearby.

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Cater to a Captive Audience

Recent surveys have revealed that airline travelers are seeking convenience and choice from all aspects of travel, including dining. Hot Dog on a Stick offers just that, with our easy to eat food that tastes fresh and delicious. Coffee shops and delis are everywhere in the airport, so our punchy colors and unique food options break the monotony of a day of travel. Additionally, we take care to use airport-specific marketing materials to hook passengers as they go by.


Hot Dog on a Stick works so well in small spaces with a captive audience because we are an “eat”ertaining brand. Our employees give customers something fun to watch as they hand stomp the lemonade, dip and fry the hot dogs, and generally have a good time. Customers react well to our bright colors and silly uniforms, and they can tell that our smiling employees are having a good time.

Licensing with Hot Dog on a Stick brings a lot of advantages to the unique spaces inside an airport. Talk with one of our agents to license Hot Dog on a Stick. 

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