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Hot Dog Franchise Investment

Investing in a hot dog franchise is a big step in your career, and obviously opening a business is a big investment. We get it, because the investment is so big, you want to make sure you understand our opportunity before you pull out the checkbook.

Looking into Franchise Investment

Every Store Is Unique

One of the many exciting things about the Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise is that no two stores are alike. That means that no two investments are the same! Your total investment will vary depending on your city, your location, and the size of your store. For this reason, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount that you will invest in a franchise.

 Still, for a relatively small investment, a fast food franchise can be yours! Here are some of the basic numbers:
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $25,000
  • Term: 10 years with an option to renew for another 10 years
  • Royalties: 6% of net sales
  • Marketing: 2% (subject to change based on franchise agreement)

Startup Costs

Though we can’t determine exactly what your investment will be, we can give a range of what our franchisees usually spend. Learn more about how much a franchise costs, as well as how to finance your business by checking out our Startup Costs. Each new franchisee is typically required to have a minimum of $100,000 in liquid assets.

What Does Hot Dog on a Stick™ Offer?

Want to know why you should invest in Hot Dog on a Stick™? Simply put, we are better. We have created better food, use better recipes, and offer a better variety. On top of that, all the care that we take to create the ultimate hot dog experience for our customers also goes into creating an amazing franchise experience. We offer a wealth of opportunities to our franchisees that you just don’t get from any other brand. Check out Our Brand Offerings to learn more.

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