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Get Started on an International Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise!

Join our franchise family as a master franchise owner, and benefit from our industry-leading experience in international franchising! Bring the delicious hot dogs, hand-stomped lemonade, and other tasty snacks to your community!

Available International Locations

Hot Dog on a Stick is a fun and whimsical brand that is a good fit in virtually any territory. We already have master franchisees around the world, and we are ready to expand even further. Spreading the joy and whimsy of Hot Dog on a Stick is a goal that fits in any language, culture, and country, which is why we already have a following internationally.

Choosing the Right Location

As you open a Hot Dog on a Stick store in your market, whether this is your first time or you’ve done it fifty times, the biggest struggle can be choosing the right site. It is integral to your business that you choose a site that works for your business, and site selection is the most important decision you will make for your business. Because it is so important, we are here to help.

One of our international support resources is real estate and site selection assistance. While you prepare to find the right location, we will provide you with criteria, design ideas, and a site layout, all of which make the process that much easier. These criteria act as a roadmap as you look at prospective locations.

Space Requirements

One of the biggest selling points of Hot Dog on a Stick is that you can make a store fit in almost any space. Our stores fit in both traditional or non-traditional areas, which means that a mall, travel hub, stadium, and a range of other locations are all great fits.

At Hot Dog on a Stick, you have options! You can choose from a variety of store layouts and models, because this diverse brand works in more than one way! Take a look at some of the store options:

  • Drive Thru – This freestanding store can come with or without seating.
  • Shopping Mall – This Hot Dog on a Stick staple is usually 1183-229 square meters (600-750 square feet) and has excellent visibility.
  • Special Venues – Place your store in a high traffic, pedestrian-friendly location like an airport or stadium.
  • Catering and Fairs – Take your show on the road with food trucks, trailers, and pop-up locations that spread our fresh-squeezed fun all around!

Existing Markets and Regions

Hot Dog on a Stick is already operating around the world. Take a look at some of these franchise locations to get an idea of how you can make this franchise concept fit in your market. We are always looking to expand our brand in countries across the globe, so if you don’t see your country of interest below, we’d love to hear from you to discuss further opportunities!

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. We are providing the United States FDD at your request, and as a condition to receiving this FDD, you acknowledge that we are not representing that the contents of the FDD will apply in any manner to our international franchise relationship, including but not limited to any financial performance representations set forth in the FDD.

Your country of interest may have individual franchise disclosure requirements. If we elect to engage in further sales discussions, we will fully comply with the franchise disclosure requirements as required by law in your country/territory of interest.