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Frequently Asked Questions

An investment in a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise can be a big step! We know that there are lots of questions on your mind.

Find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here.


How Much Does it Cost to Open My Own Franchise?

Our franchise owners generally spend between $338,200 and $556,000 when they start up, including licensing, equipment, and our $25,000 franchise fee.

We require our franchise owners to have a total minimum net worth of $250,000, with at least $100,000 of that worth in liquid assets. We have found that to be the number that works best for our franchise owners and Hot Dog on a Stick™.


What Experience Do I Need to Open a Franchise?

Restaurant experience is not necessary, and prior business experience is a plus. More important than your experience level is your willingness to work hard to get things done and your ability to be self-motivated.

Additionally, we like our franchise owners to be friendly, outgoing, positive, and committed. In our experience, those traits are found to be more meaningful in our franchise owners than prior restaurant experience.


What Does a Day in the Life of a Franchisee Look Like?

Owning a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise is lots of hard work, which is why the number one characteristic we look for in a franchise owner is hard-working. Do not despair, though, because the hard work you are doing as a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise owner is some of the most fulfilling work there is because you are furthering your own goals and dreams.

As a business owner, you can take comfort in knowing that you are furthering your own bottom line and ambition, not someone else’s.


What Kind of Training and Support Can I Expect?

As a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise owner, you will receive your initial training at the GFG University in Atlanta, Georgia. At this training, you will learn how to run the back office, maintain bookkeeping, and manage human resources—essentially everything you will need to know to operate your business.

In addition to the training at GFG University, you will also get in-store training from one of our corporate personnel, who will be there to help you open the store, learn personnel management, and generally run your business day-to-day. The combination of GFG University training and in-store training will help you become as qualified as possible.


How Do I Find a Retail Location?

As the franchise owner, your responsibility is to do adequate research on your city and find the right location to place your Hot Dog on a Stick™ store. Because real estate and the optimal location are so important to a successful franchise, Hot Dog on a Stick™ has a real estate team that is available to help you find the right site and negotiate lease terms if you request it. Access to a real estate team is yet another perk of investing in Hot Dog on a Stick™, as is our national brand ( example – sex chat) recognition, which makes your store a desirable candidate for many landlords.


How Much Money Can I Make?

The ultimate question as you look into making a big investment is how big your return is going to be. Because of the regulations on the franchising industry, we are unable to promise exact earning numbers or make specific claims. That being said, part of the Franchise Disclosure Document has a section detailing our earnings claims. Fill out our form to request the FDD.

Though we cannot give specifics, we can say that the Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Food industry are enormous and show every sign of continuing to grow. Indeed, in 2015, the fast food industry earned a whopping $200 billion in the United States alone. Reports suggest that the industry should grow by 2.5% each year between now and 2020.* This industry, which was once dominated by hamburgers and French fries, is growing in diversity as consumers demand more variety.



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