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Brand Differentiators

At Hot Dog on a Stick™, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality food and customer service in the industry, which has helped us achieve some of the highest ratings in the industry. Indeed, a 2013 customer service survey by an independent firm showed that Hot Dog on a Stick™ was rated at 8.9/10 for overall customer satisfaction!

We have taken those high ratings among our customers and applied the same principles to how we take care of our franchise owners. Creating an amazing atmosphere for franchisees is what sets us apart among the hundreds of franchise opportunities on the market. Below are just some of the ways we differentiate ourselves from other franchises.

Global Franchise Group

In 2014, Hot Dog on a Stick™ joined the Global Franchise Group, or GFG, family of snack food franchise brands. GFG is laser-focused on this specific niche in the industry, namely Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), making them the authority on snack food franchises.

GFG owns a portfolio of franchise brands and, as one of the world’s leading brand management companies, has the resources you will need to thrive in your new role as franchise owner.

GFG’s brands:

  • Hot Dog on a Stick™
  • Maggie Moo’s
  • Marble Slab Creamery
  • Pretzelmaker
  • Great American Cookies

Because of our expertise in the snack food franchise industry, we know what our franchise owners need to open and operate their franchises. We understand the importance of supporting our franchise owners in every way possible, which is what inspired us to create extensive training programs and support resources for all our franchise owners.

Hot Dog on a Stick corn dog, fries, and lemonade

Advantages Over the Competition

Any brand in the snack food industry competes against Hot Dog on a Stick™ for customers. A brand that offers snacks or light meals may attract the same customers as Hot Dog on a Stick™, but no one can compete with our amazing hot dogs and fresh lemonade.

Opening a Hot Dog on a Stick™ franchise puts you at a huge advantage over the competition because of our reputation for amazing, quality food and our bold uniforms. Our customers know that wherever they are, if they see Hot Dog on a Stick™, they will be able to order fresh-squeezed lemonade and a warm, delicious hot dog wrapped in our homemade cornbread.

Brand Recognition

Hot Dog on a Stick™ is a staple on the West Coast and we leverage that brand recognition to help grow our brands in malls and stand-alone locations, as well as other unique opportunities. A recognizable brand not only attracts customers, but it also makes it easier to find investors. Obtaining funding is easier when you are investing in a known brand with an established history of businesses and franchises.

In addition, our brand gets you access to our huge network of teams and services that we share with our franchise owners. Your investment in Hot Dog on a Stick™ gives you access to all of it!

  • Service providers
  • Corporate agents and franchise owners
  • Support teams
  • Preferred vendors

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