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Why It’s Easier to Start a Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Than You Think

  • March 11, 2016

Let’s stipulate for the record that the majority of Americans love hot dogs. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans munch down over 20 billion hot dogs each year. On the Fourth of July alone we manage to eat 155 million hot dogs, and that includes all the hot dog eating contests. Now imagine if you could tap into a fraction of all those hot dog loving customers. The good news is that you can, with Hot Dog on a Stick, a best hot dog franchise! You might be surprised at how easy it is to start this type of business.

Start With the Location

Deciding to purchase the best hot dog franchise goes along with picking the perfect location for your new business. The first thing to consider is whether there are already any Hot Dog on a Stick franchises up and running. You won’t have a problem spotting them because they’ll be at local mall food courts or nearby theater venues.

If there are franchises in your neighborhood, then you might consider traveling out of your immediate comfort zone. You want convenient access to your store, but you don’t want to compete with established franchises.

Get the Training

You might have never been a boss before. Most first time-franchise owners were once in the same boat. But we’ve got your back. We’ll provide you with all the training you need to get your hot dog franchise business started.

That training begins with the basics of the operation. The menus offered at Hot Dog on a Stick have all been worked out in advance. Even when a new exciting item is added to the menu, it has already gone through rigorous testing and marketing.

Your customers will appreciate the fast service that comes from time-tested methods for creating the delicious treats offered at every Hot Dog on a Stick franchise.

Staff Training

Once you’re comfortable with the operation from top to bottom, you’ll be able to pass that information along to your staff. Before you get there, we’ll provide you with a crash course in managerial training.

We’ll show you the best approach for hiring staff and keeping that staff motivated. The goal is to let your team keep your business running while you pursue other opportunities.

Construction Time

Suppose the space you’ve secured for your hot dog franchise is an empty shell. It’s going to require some work to get it ready for business.

Once again, you’ll have the support from corporate to make sure you’ve got access to all the materials you need. That includes valuable contractor contacts. Remember, we want to see you serving happy customers ASAP!

How Much Does a Best Hot Dog Franchise Cost?

The answer to that question depends on many factors. You need to take into account your franchise fee, construction costs, legal fees, and initial purchasing of ingredients.

To get the definitive answer to that question, begin a dialogue with a Global Franchise Group representative.