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Why It’s Easier to Begin a Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Than You Think

  • October 29, 2015

Do you think you have the right stuff to open one of the greatest hot dog franchises on the market? That would be a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise and it’s the kind of business opportunity that could change your life. According to survey estimates, last year upwards of one-billion packages of hot dogs were sold in the United States, and at ballparks alone, it’s estimated to sell over 21,000,000 hot dogs each season.

There’s no denying that hot dogs are an extremely popular food item. That’s where Hot Dog on a Stick comes in. We take that tasty treat to a whole new level with our traditional dog in a bun or the popular corn dog. Along with fries and a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade, this is one fast food meal that can’t be beat.

Total Support

So, what makes Hot Dog on a Stick one of the greatest hot dog franchises out there? That would be the total support you’re going to get as an owner from the Global Franchise Group. This is the company who has created a franchise business model that helps first-time investors learn all they need to know to help get their business running smoothly.

That education begins at the Global Franchise Group university training center in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where you’ll be taught how to operate your business, make purchases for your menu, learn how to keep to the books, and all the fundamentals of working the equipment. Not only will you be taught in the classroom, but you’ll also be putting on the apron to work in an already established and one of the greatest hot dog franchises. Nothing beats making your own hot dogs and seeing how happy those make your customers.

Staff Training

All that valuable training that you’ll be provided is something you’ll be able to pass onto your staff. Before you get there, Global Franchise Group is also going to teach you the basics of hiring and maintaining that staff. Even if you’ve never been a boss or supervisor before, you’ll grow as a team leader with the backing of Global Franchise Group.

Store Set Up

Once you have all that training under your belt, you’ll be eager to start your business. Global Franchise Group makes it easy to find a location, set up a lease agreement, and begin the construction. Keep in mind that they’ve already done this over 300 times, which is how many Hot Dog on a Stick locations there are around the world!

As soon as you get your business open, Global Franchise Group is going to stick with you by providing your own personal field consultant. This will be your “go to” representative that will provide you with all kinds of advice and counsel. It’s like having your own personal hot dog coach.

How Much Do Hot Dog Franchises Cost?

One of the obvious questions that will come to mind is, how much does a franchise cost? There are some set fees such as the franchise fee, but you’ll get all the numbers when you speak with a franchise representative. To do this, fill out the form on our contact us page. As for the equipment purchases, store lease, and supplies, that all depends on where you’ll be located and how big your operation will become. Though, there are many financial options available that can help out with the cost for one of the greatest hot dog franchises, and make sure to ask the franchisor if they’re offering any incentives to opening up a franchise.

This and many other questions can be answered by contacting us at Hot Dog on a Stick. Opening up a franchise and becoming your own boss just got a whole lot easier.