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Why Is Hot Dog on a Stick so Popular with Millennials?

  • June 22, 2016

If you are looking for a fast food franchise to manage that is seeing amazing growth and is popular with Millennials—and thus likely to continue to see strong growth into the foreseeable future—Hot Dog on a Stick is a prime option.

Why Millennials Love Hot Dog on a Stick

After 70 years of increasing popularity, Hot Dog on a Stick has gone from a single location on a sunny, southern California beach to a chain with over 80 stores spread out from coast to coast. This goes to show that Hot Dog on a Stick has staying power across generational lines, but there are also specific reasons to think it will continue to be a hit with Millennials, including:

  1. It is a QSR (quick-service restaurant), which Millennials tend to love since they put a high value on their time. This is one reason why QSRs are growing at about 4.4% per year, outperforming most other food franchises.
  2. It’s inexpensive compared to a lot of other restaurants and even many fast-food chains. Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history and about take center stage economically, but they are also one of the least-wealthy generations and appreciate good food at a low cost.
  3. It’s “gourmet” and unique, despite serving familiar foods. Hot Dog on a Stick gives you high-quality, all-turkey dogs cooked to perfection and lemonade made of fresh-squeezed real lemons instead of artificial flavorings.
  4. It’s nostalgic and associated with fun memories of the beach and the fairgrounds. For Millennials, brand identity in itself is not enough, but the Hot Dog on a Stick experience has “nostalgia” written all over it—and Millennials love that.
  5. Local social causes are often supported by Hot Dog on a Stick, which is a big concern for many Millennials. They care about where their money goes after they spend it, and they prefer local social involvement to writing checks to national charities.
  6. Creative marketing is particularly smiled upon by Millennials, and Hot Dog on a Stick is creative marketing in restaurant form. Even the name is creative—and where else do you see a uniform like “red, white, and blue with a splash of lemonade”?

Why Franchisees Love Hot Dog on a Stick

Running a fast food franchise is about more than just pleasing one demographic group, and so, as important as the attraction between Millennials and Hot Dog on a Stick may be, franchisees need more. Here are a few of the attractions this franchise offers its franchisees:

  • A well-developed support network. You will have access to extensive help with start-up, employee training, and inventory control. You will also be able to meet with other Hot Dog on a Stick franchisees for invaluable advice.
  • Name recognition and free marketing. Hot Dog on a Stick’s status brings you an instant customer base, and HQ does a lot of the advertising for you.
  • An open door of opportunity. Many find it feasible to manage multiple Hot Dog on a Stick franchises simultaneously, and once you learn the ropes, there is no reason you cannot continue to expand.

Perfect Fast Food Franchise Opportunity for Millennials

As long as you don’t call Millennials “Millennials” (they hate that) when they come in to order, they should be a good fit for a Hot Dog on a Stick fast food franchise. Managers too will find many benefits of working with this franchise and can expect to continue Hot Dog on a Stick’s phenomenal growth.

To learn more, fill out an online contact form or call Hot Dog on a Stick at 877-639-2361.