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Why Is a Hot Dog on a Stick a Great Business Opportunity?

  • October 24, 2018

With so much potential and so many options out there, it can be hard to find a business opportunity that truly stands out from the rest. What Hot Dog on a Stick can offer to a franchisee is a unique concept, product, and more that goes beyond just any of the other hot dog business opportunities. With a recognizable brand, in-depth training, quality menu items, and more, Hot Dog on a Stick franchises have a concept that brings quality food – on the convenience of a stick- to locations all across the globe. Here is why a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is the best of all hot dog business opportunities for you.

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A Recognizable Brand With Humble Beginnings

Hot Dog on a Stick may be a nationwide franchise today, but it wasn’t always. Back in 1946, Dave Barham had a dream. He envisioned a unique concept of serving hot dogs on sticks to beachgoers and tourists frequenting Santa Monica. Today, Barham’s dream still lives on, only now, instead of just Santa Monica, his hot dogs and other products on sticks are bringing joy to people all across the United States and even worldwide through franchising.

You can be part of this dream as well with a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise.  Investing in a business opportunity that upholds the same values that it did in its beginnings is something not many can hold true to, but Hot Dog on a Stick can.

Industry Training and Ongoing Support that Go Beyond

Not all hot dog business opportunities offer training and support. In fact, many independently-owned businesses won’t have any preliminary training or ongoing support because there is not a brand behind them. Brands like Hot Dog on a Stick provide in-depth training prior to even opening a franchise because the day-to-day operations can be difficult to maneuver, and having this training is a valuable asset.

Beyond the training, Hot Dog on a Stick offers additional support even after the initial training. From online resources to personal support from the brand, franchisees are covered to make sure they have what they need to maintain their franchise with confidence.

Quality Menu Items that Keep Customers Coming Back

Hot Dog on a Stick has always maintained their reputation for quality menu items that customers have enjoyed for over 70 years. We pride ourselves on the fact that we serve Nathan’s Famous all-beef hot dogs, an American classic, as well as turkey dogs, and cheese on a stick. Our methods provide ease for people to enjoy their snack regardless of where they are. We offer a wide variety of quality items on our menu so every person, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy something from us with confidence in the brand they are buying from.

The Best of Hot Dog Business Opportunities

When you are looking for an investment, you want to choose the best. A hot dog business opportunity that sticks to its roots, has a recognizable name, offers training and support, and has a reputation for quality food is one worth investing in because the brand is dedicated to its franchisees and their brand identity as a whole.

If you would like to learn more about Hot Dog on a Stick and what it means to own a franchise, download our free guides.