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Why the Hot Dog Industry Thrives

  • August 6, 2019

The start of summer amplifies a booming appeal for the scent of sizzling hot dogs, whether it is at your neighborhood cookout or local hot dog franchises. The hot dog industry thrives because of the marketability of a quick snack that is convenient and complimentary to whatever fixings you’d like to pair them with. Even televised events such as hot dog eating contests showcase how the food has flourished in the snack food world. Read on to see how this delectable treat has remained a top commodity in such a broad snack food industry.   


Locations Are Flexible

The scenarios when a hot dog may be an appealing option for a quick bite are endless.  You could be racing to an interview while hungry and spot a vendor, or at a ball game and want to grab a quick, cheap bite before paying for overpriced vendors in the stadium. Even if you’re not racing against time and want to try a gourmet hot dog, the hot dog can also be a casual experience. The flexibility of how this snack can be marketed lends itself to plenty of location options. 

In the height of its consumption, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, there are 7 billion hot dogs consumed in the United States which translates to over 818 eaten every second in that period of time. The incredible demand creates the ability to have a variety of locations. Our Hot Dog On A Stick hot dog franchises benefit from that luxury by providing franchisees the ability to locate their stores in traditional or non-traditional locations. So whether you think your ideal consumer is making a commute in an airport or exploring their favorite amusement park, we know the consumer is out there.


Different in Every State

The ability to change the taste of a hot dog, depending on where you’re eating, certainly grows the appeal to the snack. Each state has a different way of showcasing this product, from Boston to Los Angles. Regions have adopted an innovative approach to altering the American classic to give travelers a fun reason to check out all visit all 50 states. The famous Chicago dog may have a different zing to its bite than Hot Dog On A Stick’s tasty menu offerings. 


International Appeal

It’s clear that the hot dog is a hit in the States, but what potential business owners may not know is the treat’s appeal internationally. Hot Dog On A Stick has expanded our options to international locations, proving that the hot dog translates across various cultural barriers.  Although the role of an international franchisee may make you feel far from home, Hot Dog On A Stick’s ongoing support will help you feel at home throughout the life span of your business. 


Are you interested in finding out more about how hot dog franchises have succeeded in the quick-service restaurant industry? Contact us today!