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We’re More than a Hot Dog Franchise, We’re a Family

  • May 28, 2015

You may not think that a hot dog franchise could be anything more than a job. You may not think employees can come to work excited for the opportunity to serve customers delicious, original hot dog meals. You may not think any job could make you feel so welcome into a tight-knit group of people whose relationship nears the line separating brotherhood and bosom-friends.

Even if you don’t believe these things exist, you can find them at Hot Dog on a Stick. We promote values in every store to ensure our hot dog franchise rises beyond the mediocre fast food image.

What are the values that transform the hot dog franchise into a family?

  1. No limit on family

The word family does not have to mean the people you are related to through blood. Your family may be your friends, classmates, co-workers, gym buddies, fellow artists, dance partner, or anyone with whom you have the opportunity to grow a bond. What could possibly make that bond grow more stable and secure? A hot dog franchise. When you are working side by side with people who care about service, hard work, value, and hot dogs as much as you do, the familial bonds become unbreakable.

  1. Committed to one goal

When everyone is trying to accomplish the same goal, miraculous things happen. That is why Hot Dog on a Stick doesn’t limit employees to serving just hot dogs. Remember, we are more than a hot dog franchise. We want our employees to serve smiles, good deeds, politeness, and other positive qualities. When everyone works together to make the world better, the world works together to become family.

  1. Hot dog franchise opportunities

Think about your last Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas feast, or Easter brunch. You probably shared the meal with family. (Remember, for clarification on family, see number one.) What if you had the opportunity to share that meal together multiple times a week? And what if you ate a food everyone loves, like cheese on a stick? When Hot Dog on a Stick tried this we became far more than a hot dog franchise. We became a group of people, perhaps not related by blood, but all committed to helping others.

We became a family in the hot dog franchise.

Join our family today by visiting our resource library to learn more about amazing hot dog franchise opportunities.