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Become the Steve Jobs of Restaurant Franchises

  • February 11, 2015

When we think of Steve Jobs, we think of the empire he created from scratch. We think of his ingenuity, charisma, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. While owning restaurant franchises like Hot dog on a Stick is not quite in the same field as owning a technology conglomerate, there are some fundamental lessons that we can all learn from Steve Jobs. Become the Steve Jobs of restaurant franchises with a few of our tips.

Be a Confident Leader

Apple certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without the confident, directed leadership of Steve Jobs. He knew what he wanted and he led his team down the path to get to where he wanted to be. Restaurant franchises benefit from this guided leadership just as well, as there are a lot of moving parts to keep your business up and running. Create a solid business plan and map out the steps to achieve your business goals. Then lead your team to greatness.

Solve Problems with Creativity

One of the key benefits of owning restaurant franchises like Hot Dog on a Stick is that you’re signing up for a system that works. The menu is provided and the processes are taught to you. But just because you’re not creating from scratch doesn’t mean that creativity isn’t a necessary part of survival. In today’s competitive business landscape, restaurant franchises need to constantly seek new ways to reach out to their customers and keep their brand on the competitive edge.

Find Ways to Connect with Your Customers

Steve Jobs found incredible commercial success by being able to put himself in the shoes of his customers. He knew how to connect with them intellectually and emotionally, and he knew what they liked and wanted. Owners of restaurant franchises can accomplish these goals by taking the time to learn about their customers. Find unique ways to appeal to them, reach out to them, and make sure they’re getting what they’re looking for from your franchise.

Use Your Restaurant Franchises People Skills

Steve Jobs had a certain charisma and drive that drew people’s attention. He was a gifted communicator, and he used this skill to capture the attention of millions. Owners of restaurant franchises can benefit from these open channels of communication. First, you’ll use your people skills to rally, lead, and motivate your team. When the internal communication is sound, this will reflect on the company’s communication with customers, potential business partners, and other key stakeholders in a restaurant franchise’s growth potential.

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