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Skeptical of Opening a Franchise? Let Us Help

  • December 2, 2015

Making the decision to open a hot dog food franchise is a huge step. It will not only require a financial investment on your part, but it will also mean involving your friends and family. You’ll need their support as you take the plunge in this exciting chapter of your future. Perhaps one way to alleviate your potential skepticism is to focus on Hot Dog on a Stick franchise opportunities. To help make an informed decision, take a look at these frequently asked questions to find out if franchising is right for you.

hot dog food franchise

How Long Has Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Been in Business?

The origins of Hot Dog on a Stick can be traced back to 1946 which is when Dave Barham opened his first stand in Santa Monica, California. Back then, Dave was selling ice cream, hot dogs, and lemonade. He then borrowed his mom’s cornbread recipe to coat the popular hot dogs and the hot dog on a stick was born.

Dave continued to sell his innovated treat all across the country at county fairs. In 1973, Dave opened the first Hot Dog on a Stick in a mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. Within a short time, he expanded his hot dog empire to over twenty-five stores. Today, Hot Dog on a Stick is a true global phenomenon with over 100 outlets spread out across the globe.

What If I’ve Never Run a Hot Dog Food Franchise Before?

You don’t have to worry about never having run a fast food business before. A hot dog franchise is not that complicated. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll just be given a recipe book and a bunch of hot dogs and told, “Start selling.” Instead, you’ll be invited to attend the Global Franchise Group University training course held in Atlanta and in California. This is where you’ll be provided with the knowledge and skills required to get your business up and running; everything from bookkeeping to purchase ordering to handling staff will be covered.

You’ll also have the valuable opportunity to work on the frontlines at a fully operating Hot Dog on a Stick store. This is really the best way to learn the business one hot dog at a time!

What Happens After I Open My Business?

Once you’ve accepted the terms of the agreement, the goal is to get your hot dog food court franchise up and running as quickly as possible. That could mean in as little as 90 days from the time you sign your space lease agreement. Just because you’re up and running doesn’t mean you’ll be on your own, though. Global Franchise Group will provide you with a field consultant who will be available for the duration of your business. This is like a business coach who will offer guidance and support. They’ll also be your conduit to the other Hot Dog on a Stick franchises. There is a lot to learn from all of those businesses.

Will I Lose My Creative Identity in a Franchise?

Absolutely not! This is your business to run. You’re making all the decisions about hiring staff, store hours, and how much involvement you want to have in the community. There will be many opportunities to lend support with various fundraising drives and your hot dog food franchise store can be a key player.

Still have more questions? Download our free franchise report by completing the form on the homepage to find out more about how you can become a franchise owner of Hot Dog on a Stick. Your hot dog food franchise future is waiting!

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