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How the Rest of the World Eats a Hot Dog

  • December 25, 2015

hot dog franchise opportunity

On the long list of possible investments, a hot dog franchise opportunity might be a good way to go because hot dogs are an extremely popular fast food item. Folks can’t seem to get enough of the hot dog. The best way to eat a hot dog might come down to where you live. Here are some of the bizarre and tasty ways the rest of the world eats a hot dog:


Brazilians like their hot dogs with toppings. That sounds like just about everyone else, right? However, in Brazil it’s not just about the mustard or the ketchup. Brazilians like to load up their dogs with everything from quail eggs to peas to mashed potatoes. Shoestring fries are another popular topping south of the border. This might mean owning a hot dog franchise opportunity in Brazil will mean a serious investment in topping options!


The Amsterdam locals call their favorite hot dog, The Stoner. This is a cross between a traditional hot dog and a pizza with added tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. You could even find traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni, peppers, and mushrooms on your Stoner Dog!


If you go to a restaurant in Sweden and order a tunnbrodsrulle, you’ll be getting a very unique hot dog. The sausage is rolled up in a soft dough and then stuffed with toppings made to order. The most popular version is the mashed potatoes, onion, and mustard tunnbrodsrulle. They also like to add chopped shrimp and Dijon. That sounds like a unique hot dog franchise opportunity!


As you might expect from the land of fresh pineapples, that tasty fruit plays a big role in the Puka Dog. This is the Hawaiian hot dog baked in a mini loaf of bread and slathered with pineapple relish. The locals also like to add in guava mustard and a dash of garlic lemon sauce. Sounds delicious!


Yes, even in the cold north you can find a hot dog franchise opportunity. Up there, the hot dog isn’t complete until it’s given a liberal helping of pylsuinnep. This is their version of brown mustard on the sweet side. The Icelanders also like a condiment mix of capers, mayo, mustard, herbs, anchovies, and gherkins. Definitely an acquired taste!


Believe it or not, the Canadians in this Provence prefer their hot dogs with Japanese inspired flavors. Here you’ll find a hot dog that can be topped with seaweed, teriyaki sauce, and fried onions. This is one great hot dog franchise opportunity!

South Africa

Boerewors are hot dogs made from beef, pork, or lamb. Right out of the gate, these dogs are mixed with a spicy punch that includes ingredients like nutmeg, cloves, and coriander. It’s all wrapped in a huge roll and topped off with chutney and tomato relish.

Hot Dog Franchise Opportunity with Hot Dog on a Stick

Of course, one of the most popular ways to down a dog is the method perfected at the premiere hot dog franchise opportunity, Hot Dog on a Stick. This is a plump hot dog dipped in rich batter and then deep-fried to perfection. One bite is all it takes to make a lifetime fan!

All this talk about hot dogs might have you wondering, “Should I buy a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise?” The best way to answer that question is to talk to the people in the know at Global Franchise Group. Contact us today to find out all you need to know about this investment hot dog franchise opportunity with Hot Dog on a Stick.