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Searching for Mall Kiosk Ideas? Consider a Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise!

  • November 28, 2019

There is nothing more tantalizing than the variety of smells that come from a bustling food court, it’s a temptation that shoppers simply can’t resist. Have you built a franchising portfolio of a variety of successful kiosk brands and found yourself looking for your next venture? Maybe you’re new to the franchising scene and think a mall kiosk could be an exciting first investment? Regardless of your reasons, a Hot Dog on a Stick quick-service restaurant franchise (QSR) is the perfect fit for a busy shopping mall. Let’s take a look at how our brand recognition has lead Hot Dog on a Stick to become a mainstay in this busy buying environment. 

Global Brand Recognition 

Over seven decades of industry experience. Not many franchise brands can boast a track record that spans back all the way to the mid-1940s. When you join Hot Dog on a Stick’s team you are inheriting a brand with a growing reputation as well, which allows you to get an immediate head start on the competition. After all, there are few independent or even franchise brands that can boast about an appearance on a hit TV show like ‘Stranger Things’. Due to our long tenure in the QSR franchise scene, customers will see your red, yellow, and blue signage and iconic uniforms and know exactly the customer care and overall quality they should expect to receive. 

Foot Traffic Willing to Spend 

Hot Dog on Stick quick-service restaurant franchises are the ideal fit for a shopping mall because of the high levels of foot traffic from shoppers who are ready to spend. You will have direct exposure to those people who have been shopping for hours and need a quick bite before they continue on. Additionally, our snacks are ordered, prepared, and delivered to our guests moments after they arrive at our kiosks. With that type of reputation for instant satisfaction, mall-goers know where to head to when their craving kicks in. 

Expanding Your Business with Multiple Quick-Service Restaurant Franchises

If you are familiar with the logistics of a multiple unit investment, our team at Global Franchise Group (GFG) has a fantastic mall kiosk QSR franchise opportunity for you. Our relationship with GFG allows our franchise owners to invest in any of our sister brands in addition to Hot Dog on a Stick. That includes any of the following associated QSR franchise brands:


  • Pretzelmaker
  • Great American Cookies
  • Marble Slab Creamery


You’ll be able to spread out your investment and build a portfolio in one centralized location. Since those brands are all under the same GFG name and could be opened in the same location, your staff and managers will have the ability to go from one store to another with ease.


Do you want to learn more about the ins-and-outs of a Hot Dog on a Stick quick-service restaurant franchise investment? Contact us at any time for any additional information.