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Put Away Your Franchising Fears: It’s Easier than You Think

  • February 25, 2016

Put away your franchising fears; I did.

I have always dreamed of being my own boss, owning a unique, fun business with opportunities to expand to multiple locations. Over the years, I have managed to create a strong work ethic and never backed away from hard work.

In fact, I have always enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills to bring both professional and personal growth. Even with my strong business knowledge, the fear of owning a business always got in the way of my dream.

I would take the time to research various restaurant franchise opportunities, never seeming to find the right one. Again, fear would take over and I would set my dream aside.

Finally, I came to the conclusion fear was preventing me from the biggest business opportunity of my life; an opportunity to prove to myself and others, I could conquer my fears and live my dream.

Advantages of Franchise Ownership

Setting my fears aside began with listing the advantages of owning an exclusive, reputable brand for a franchise business.

Restaurant franchise opportunities typically have a higher rate for success than other types of startup businesses. The more I took the time to research the advantages, the more I realized I was going in the right direction.

The franchise business advantages eased my fears, including:

  1. The chance to maximize my strong work ethic by being my own boss of an individual establishment with the support of a corporate network
  2. The chance to be part of a well-established brand with a long-standing reputation for quality
  3. Help finding the perfect site to maximize my business potentials
  4. Extensive training to capitalize on growth with a working business franchise model
  5. Future training opportunities to help build leadership skills, build strong teams and manage customer relations
  6. Assistance with finding the right financial packages which may not be available with other business opportunities
  7. Expansion capital may be easier to obtain to expand to multiple location outlets
  8. Access to a peer network for continuous support with any trouble areas that may arise throughout the franchise ownership

Finding the Right Brand for Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

As I sorted through the different restaurant franchise opportunities, I decided I wanted an established iconic American brand to be part of my entrepreneurial dream.

The carnival atmosphere of Hot Dog on a Stick was instantly attractive. But it wasn’t just the festive branding that caught my attention. Here’s how I decided Hot Dog on a Stick was the right restaurant franchise opportunity for me:

  1. A long established and reputable brand dating back to 1946.
  2. Fresh ingredients and a limited menu aiding in quick customer service with limited prep time.
  3. A history of customer satisfaction with high-quality products.
  4. Smaller store size of less than 750 square feet to allow the business franchise to fit in a limited space. By using less space, the franchise may be established in a variety of locations where larger businesses could not operate.
  5. A chance to become a multiple franchise owner.

The idea of selling hot dogs on a stick, shakes, and original lemonade brought back memories of the various fairs I attended as a child. I wanted to give others the chance to experience American inspired foods while establishing my own business dreams.

Fear holds us back from the best opportunities. With research and training, I put away my franchising fears. The Hot Dog on a Stick restaurant franchise opportunities is easier than you think. Take a chance on a dream and contact us today!