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What Makes Our Hot Dog Brand Stand Out?

  • October 12, 2017

One of the great things about Hot Dog on a Stick is that it is an established franchise. The first store opened back in 1946 with our hot dog business opportunities.

Dave Barham, the founder of the original Hot Dog on a Stick, saw his original beachfront store in Santa Monica, California transform into a fast-food franchise empire over the next 75 years. Below are several more reasons why our hot dog stand business stands out over the competition.

hot dog business opportunities

Hot Dog Business Opportunities Part of Global Franchise Group

Just three years ago, Hot Dog on a Stick became the latest member of Global Franchise Group.

That’s partly thanks to the resources that Global Franchise Group (GFG) provides Hot Dog on a Stick’s franchise investors. A few of these resources include training at GFG’s Atlanta headquarters, marketing assistance, field operations help, and access to national advertising networks.

Quick-service Restaurant Franchises Are Booming

Did you know that the fast-food industry generates revenues of more than a half-trillion dollars ($570 billion) every single year? That’s more than the gross domestic product of many medium-sized countries. This gives you an idea of the hot dog business opportunities that could await.

The United States accounts for well over a third of the worldwide fast-food revenue since it netted around $200 billion in collective revenue in 2015 alone. Considering that quick-service restaurant franchises collectively only generated $6 billion in revenue 45 years ago, you can see how appetites have changed dramatically with time.

About 50 million Americans select QSR restaurant franchises like Hot Dog on a Stick every day. Additionally, there are more than 200,000 fast-food franchise locations scattered throughout the continental United States.

The most surprising thing about QSR franchises, though, is that they collectively account for half of total restaurant sales in the United States. Wow!

Investing and Going Multi-unit Has Never Been Easier

You’ll need at least 600 square feet, a population of 60,000 or more within ten miles, and a few other factors to get started. Qualified investors might want to read about the economies-of-scale benefits to going multi-unit.

To learn more about what makes our brand stand out and why now is a great time to invest, then reach out today!