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Major Competitors on the Hot Dog Restaurant Chain Scene

  • December 15, 2016

Hot dog restaurants are trending up, with a few major names dominating the scene across the US. If you’re interested in hot dog restaurant franchise opportunities, here are the competitors you should know about:

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The Hot Dog Restaurant Industry Is Trending


Calling itself the “world’s largest hot dog chain” and touting a 50-year success record, Wienerschnitzel was founded in Southern California as a specialist in secret-recipe chili and the ever-popular corndog. Their small, pop-up shop appearance and classic menu have produced a good sales record, and their brand recognition is very strong. Menu offerings include burgers and sandwiches, and their affiliation with the Tastee Freez brand means their dessert offerings often trump the competition.

Charlie Graingers

Charlie Graingers sells more than just hot dogs, with barbecue and brisket rounding out their restaurant offerings. Started in 1939 by a traveling musician, the franchise is known for its southern recipes and familiar atmosphere. Their restaurant doesn’t require grills or fryers and boasts low start-up costs—both appealing features for new franchisees. Their Party Packs are a popular offering for feeding groups and come with a selection of proteins, sides, and beverages. Sweet tea and pink lemonade help to round out the country vibe and provide a nice complement to salty dishes.

Nathan’s Famous

Nathan’s wins on name recognition alone, and have worked hard to boost their offerings in recent years. They offer franchise locations, food stands, food service options, and international locations. One-hundred years of history includes the world’s most famous hot dog eating contest, an iconic Coney Island location, and a strong New York following. Their full complement of products means that their branding works even harder—loyal customers can grab pickles, condiments, and a slew of hot dog varieties in grocery stores around the country, and the chain sells almost as many t-shirts as meals. They’ve been on the scene so long that hot dogs just wouldn’t be hot dogs without Nathan’s Famous.

Sam’s Hot Dogs

Sam’s is another regional favorite, this time throughout the Mid-Atlantic and southern US. Menus vary slightly by location, but all Sam’s stands include the classics: all-beef hot dogs on steamed buns, pork barbeque sandwiches, and hefty portions of coleslaw. Sides and sauces are prepared daily—a proud feature at Sam’s—and most meal prices will come in at just a few dollars, one of the reasons Sam’s customers are so devoted. Sam’s is also working to bring customers a line of attire and gifts, in hopes that they can expand their brand recognition. Sam’s is a hot dog restaurant that’s all about cheap, reliable fare.

Although a lot of these chains have a lot to offer, Hot Dog on a Stick may be an even better choice for your hot dog franchise. Visit our website to learn why a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise is a great investment for any entrepreneur looking for an incredible franchise opportunity.