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How to Save Enough Money to Open a Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise

  • July 9, 2015

You’ve decided you want to open a franchise restaurant. After speaking to representatives and getting the process moving, you realize you are going to need money to get started. Here are some ideas for saving up money to join a franchise.

Habits for your franchise restaurant

Automatic transfers can make this very easy. Have your bank or credit union set up a second savings account with an automatic transfer every month. As long as you don’t touch this money, you could have potentially saved enough to help you start your franchise restaurant.


Maybe you really wanted to buy the expensive car or smartphone, but even more, you want to save up and run your own franchise restaurant. By not buying the car or phone now, you will later have the money you need to start your franchise.


This doesn’t mean ask friends for money. But let your friends know they need to support you in your decision to save for your franchise restaurant. You could make a contest of saving money or play other games to help you save.

Do extra work

Aside from your current job, look for other jobs that fit in your schedule and will help you earn money for your franchise restaurant. A paper route, freelance work, and other small side jobs can let you earn and save faster.

Ask for advice

Do you know any savvy savers? Ask for their tips and tricks. Their stories could give you ideas for how to save your money. Reward them afterward with a treat from your restaurant franchise.

Do franchises make money?

You may feel worried after all your hard-earned savings leave your account that you will never see the money again. No fear. You didn’t lose that money. You invested it.

Your investment will bring back your savings and more as long as the investment is good. For example, with a lot of hard work, a franchise restaurant like Hot Dog on a Stick could potentially bring you great results.

Hot Dog on a Stick is a well-known brand that attracts many customers. After a few years, you will have earned back your savings in less time than it took you to save it.

For information on franchise restaurants and opportunities available with Hot Dog on a Stick, contact us today.