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Hot Dogs and Lemonade: A Great Combination

  • February 4, 2016

Hot Dogs and Lemonade anyone? It’s a mouthwatering proposition and now that Hot Dog on a Stick has become a powerhouse franchise, growing by leaps and bounds since inception, you can enjoy both delights together under one brand that says it all: Hot Dog on a Stick. We are a franchise that has been able to provide a great business model based on a great simple product and a brand that can be easily, quickly, and affordably marketed to average people in your community every day. Our hot dog food court franchise is a great opportunity to build a true turnkey business with large profit potential and even expand and grow multiple units very quickly and easily.

A Simple Recipe for Profit

In the franchise world, one that we are extremely familiar and comfortable with, a good business model that is easily replicable is the most ideal type of business. With this in mind, a hot dog business opportunity has all the elements that make a great recipe for success, including the delicious hot dogs and lemonade served on location. If you have been looking for the most ideal food franchise, then a hot dog food court franchise is right up your alley.

Hot Dog on a Stick can give any potential investor a simple formula that’s so easily replicable that opening up to five locations can be more easily scaled than other food franchises out there. In fact, our franchise has followed the recipe so closely that we’ve positioned ourselves to be at 4.4% growth within quick serve restaurants, or QSR. At Global Franchise Group, our strategic brand management portfolio consists of quick service restaurant (QSR) franchises including Hot Dog on a Stick, Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker, and Marble Slab Creamery. This just proves that we know what we’re doing and we can help your Hot Dog on a Stick franchise get off on the right foot too!

Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise Opportunities Near You

Hot Dog on a Stick is an easy and profitable franchise to operate, so we’re looking to expand where we can. We’re looking for owners that can operate in the markets that make the most sense: midsize towns and cities with populations of around 50,000-60,000 people or larger in the United States of America. The target household income for a customer at our hot dog food court franchise is around $40,000, a good median household income that is consistent with national averages in towns and cities this size. You could be the next owner of a hot dog food court franchise or even multiple locations. Do you have the requirements and drive?

Hot Dog Food Court Franchise Costs and Requirements

This iconic brand and easy to execute operations are what makes it best in its class for products and customer service. There’s a small footprint, which can help with cutting costs on space for lease, which in turn helps with opening multiple locations. A typical store is around 600-1,200 square feet, but a pre-fabricated option can cut it down to 400-800 square feet. In addition to solid skills in business management, sales, customer service, and food service, your net worth should be around $250,000 and there should be $100,000 in liquid capital for each location. Visit our website to learn more about how you can become the next franchisee of Hot Dog on a Stick today!

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