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Hot Dogs: A Staple Food in America

  • October 24, 2018

Whether it’s cookouts, birthdays, sports games, or even just a night in, hot dogs have been a staple casual food in America for over 100 years, and through hot dog franchises, they have reached all corners of the country and abroad, spreading the savory and delicious flavors that Americans love so much. A hot dog franchise like Hot Dog on a Stick has not only helped spread the American love for hot dogs but also has perfected and diversified hot dogs for any and all tastes.

Choosing a Hot Dog Franchise You Can Trust

With so many hot dog franchise options out there, it can be hard to decide which one holds the true values of this staple casual food. Hot Dog on a Stick was founded in America as just a small beachfront, creating a convenient way for these beachgoers and travelers to enjoy hot dogs without the mess and the hassle. Since their opening in 1946, Hot Dog on a Stick franchises have expanded across America, bringing this convenience to all Americans whether the hot dog franchise is at a traditional or non-traditional location.

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Why the Products Matter

Every hot dog franchise sells hot dogs. However, some hot dogs are better than others. It is important to choose a trusted brand that sells trusted products that Americans love. Hot Dog on a Stick franchises offer Nathan’s Hot Dogs, an American brand that has been around since hot dogs first became popular in the United States. Because of Nathan’s hot dogs’ long history and famous quality, customers will more likely choose a hot dog franchise whose products they know and trust.

Another important aspect of a hot dog franchise’s products is that they should offer something other than hot dogs to expand their potential customers and increase profitability. For example, Hot Dog on a Stick offers turkey dogs, Cheese on a Stick, veggie dogs, and even funnel cakes on a stick for people who have different preferences. With a unique product line, hot dog franchises see success all throughout America at several different types of locations.

Location Is Everything, But Can Be Anywhere

Because hot dogs are such a staple food in America, hot dog franchises are found in more places than just an average casual food restaurant. Hot dog franchises can be found at traditional locations such as a mall, but also can see availability at places such as airports, college campuses, stadiums, theme parks, and more. Hot Dog on a Stick has a unique benefit for these non-traditional locations because, as the name suggests, our products come on a stick for the ultimate portability for customers on the go.

What the Hot Dog Franchise Industry Looks Like

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, 20 billion hot dogs are consumed in America every year, with a large percentage of those being purchased outside of a grocery store. What this means is that hot dogs truly are a staple food in America, and those numbers only are going to grow. With this growth, Hot Dog on a Stick and other hot dog franchises are poised to see profitability in the QSR franchise industry.

A hot dog franchise like Hot Dog on a Stick only should continue to grow and see success throughout America, and internationally, as the love for hot dogs continues to thrive and spread. By investing in a franchise dedicated to the quality and diversity of product, the flexibility of location, and the right business model to take advantage of a growing industry, a Hot Dog on a Stick hot dog franchise may be the perfect opportunity for you.

For more information about the hot dog franchise industry and how you can get started with your own hot dog franchise, check out our franchise opportunity details or contact us today.