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Hot Dog Stand vs. Hot Dog Restaurant Franchise

  • June 22, 2017

Owning a hot dog restaurant franchise does not mean that you are stuck in a mall food court. In fact, Hot Dog on a Stick encourages our franchise owners to find unique sites for their restaurants, including hot dog stands. Check out a few of the franchise location options that our franchisees can choose from, and see if you can think of a good location in your market!

Hot Dog Restaurant Franchise

When you imagine places like Chicago, New York City, or even your local sports stadium, you can imagine hot dog stands dotting the scene. That’s because a hot dog stand franchise is a fun way to bring your business to life. Hot Dog on a Stick stands make a nice addition to your business, as we require that you have a regular store location as well. With the right ingenuity, a hot dog stand franchise can fit in a variety of community spaces.

Take Hot Dog on a Stick on the go! A hot dog stand works at a fair, in a stadium, at a sporting event, or as a fun catering option. You can even do a cart or food truck instead of a hot dog stand for more flexibility.

Strip Mall

Generally, strip mall’s favorable locations on busy roads make them excellent locations for a Hot Dog on a Stick. Choosing a strip mall that is highly visible from the road maximizes the location. Strip malls have the benefit of foot traffic from shoppers as well as car traffic from commuters. Locate your franchise in a strip mall with complementary businesses like entertainment venues or other quick service restaurants.

Travel Hubs: Airports, Train Stations, Resorts

Airports, train stations, resorts, and other travel centers are ideal locations for hot dog restaurant franchises. Hot Dog on a Stick offers portable, easy to eat snacks, making them appealing to travelers. These locations—especially airports—see a large number of visitors on a daily basis. These impressions translate to a huge potential customer base.

Entertainment Plaza

Anywhere that people go for a good time is a good location for a Hot Dog on a Stick. Entertainment plazas center around movie theaters or bowling alleys, attracting customers to the area. A hot dog franchise benefits from the same kind of customers who frequent entertainment plazas, making this location a no brainer.

Big Box Store

Several big box store brands are adding quick service restaurants near their entrances. These locations benefit from similar traffic that you might get in a mall—people who are already shopping and looking for food to hold them over until the next meal. A big box store’s entrance sees hundreds of people walking in and out every day, giving your business constant impressions.

Whatever location you choose for your hot dog restaurant, you cannot go wrong. Hot Dog on a Stick helps our franchisees research and find the perfect locations to make the most of their markets.

To learn more about some of our non-traditional hot dog restaurant franchise locations, download our ebook!