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Hot Dog on a Stick vs. Other Hot Dog Franchises

  • June 12, 2017

If you are comparing hot dog franchise opportunities, you can see that Hot Dog on a Stick combines the independence of owning your own business with the support of an established network. From the moment we started franchising, we have worked hard to create an exciting opportunity. Business minded individuals can see the value of this opportunity.

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Why a Hot Dog on a Stick Hot Dog Franchise?

In the hot dog franchise industry, Hot Dog on a Stick stands out. Our unique menu, flexible locations, awesome branding, and simple operations make us an obvious choice.

Unique Menu

Hot Dog on a Stick first opened in 1946, and that’s when we were using our founder’s mother’s famous cornbread recipe to batter our hot dogs. A lot has changed in 70 years, but that recipe—known as Party Batter—has stayed the same.

Our commitment to our Party Batter represents our larger commitment to our amazing menu. We keep our menu simple, unique, and fresh, and other hot dog franchises can’t keep up. Customers watch as we dip and fry each and every hot dog to order. We combine gooey cheese, dipped in Party Batter, and fried to perfection to create the delicious cheese on a stick. Employees hand stomp our lemonade every day, and you can taste the difference.

Simply put, we created the Hot Dog on a Stick menu to include only the freshest, most delicious food.

Flexible Locations

The Hot Dog on a Stick brand fits virtually anywhere. We started as a walk-up hot dog stand on the beach in Santa Monica, California before we started growing with mall locations and have continued building our brand with drive-throughs, convenience store locations, and more.

As our brand continues to grow, we are excited about the flexible location options that our franchisees can take advantage of. Get creative with your location! Here are a few of the ideas we have for fun Hot Dog on a Stick sites:

  • Resorts and travel centers
  • Stadiums
  • Amusement parks
  • Airports
  • Strip malls
  • Military bases

Standout Branding

Our signature color scheme—red, white, and blue with a splash of lemonade—makes us stand out among the other hot dog franchises out there. We have made our standout branding a key part of our company, and wherever our stores open customers notice us.

Here are just some of the ways that Hot Dog on a Stick stands out:

  1. All our employees wear quirky uniforms in our bright colors, complete with a fun hat.
  2. Our delicious food is front and center, with employees stomping the lemonade and dipping the hot dogs for customers to see.
  3. We have a patriotic color scheme that gets us noticed by customers among a sea of quick service restaurants.

Simple Operations

Owning your own business doesn’t have to be difficult. We partnered with Global Franchise Group (GFG), a brand management company that specializes in quick service restaurants. With the help of GFG, we have been able to create operations that are easy to use. You don’t even need to have experience owning a business, you can learn our systems and run your business easily.

Investing in Hot Dog on a Stick allows you to jump right into owning your business. You don’t have to spend the time creating products or writing operations manuals because it’s already done. The best part? We have three sister brands—Marble Slab Creamery, Pretzelmaker, and Great American Cookies—that all use similar operations. Hot Dog on a Stick gives you the opportunity to invest in multiple brands in different locations, but still follow similar systems.

Other hot dog franchises simply can’t compete with our history, support, or delicious menu. Now is the time to bring Hot Dog on a Stick to your community. Request more information about our hot dog franchise to get started!