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Hot Dog Franchising: An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

  • February 5, 2017

The beauty of franchising is that you’ll have constant support as you capitalize on a proven business model. You’ll have the training assistance, marketing expertise, and brand recognition to realize your entrepreneurial ambitions and live out your professional dreams.

A business franchise like Hot Dog on a Stick balances support and independence in an empowering way. As an investor, you’ll receive your initial training from the Global Franchise Group’s University in Atlanta and continuous, ongoing support in areas like ordeing, marketing, and day-to-day management.

For a business franchise to work, you need to have an in-demand product and the great customer service. Hot Dog on a Stick has both of those assets in spades because for over 70 years, Hot Dog on a Stick has been providing hot dogs on sticks, refreshing lemonade, and mouth-watering fries!

All of that experience has established Hot Dog on a Stick as a widely recognized, trusted industry leader in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

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Flow: The Secret to Business Franchise Entrepreneurial Fulfillment

About a century ago, two psychologists named Yerkes and Dodson laid the groundwork for a concept that today is known as “flow.” Getting into a flow state is considered the secret to business accomplishments.

What is flow, and why is it important to a franchise owner? Yerkes and Dodson found that whenever you try to accomplish a goal—in business or in any other aspect of life—there are three things that can happen.

You can become disengaged, become frazzled (overwhelmed), or get into a flow state. The “sweet spot” of flow is the target because it overcomes the problems of being bored and unmotivated and of facing challenges that take you too far out of your comfort zone.

Thankfully, disengagement as a first-time franchise owner is not something you have to worry about, but some franchisees might get overwhelmed in the absence of support. That’s why Hot Dog on a Stick offers training , operational support, and national advertising.

When you come across a challenge that stimulates you without overwhelming you, something magical happens: You get into a flow state where your concentration, motivation, and problem-solving abilities all go through the roof!

From start to finish, the Hot Dog on a Stick investment process is designed to be a guided yet stimulating experience that can also be a lot of fun. The process can move quickly, and you might be surprised at how soon you’ll go from talking to a representative to getting pre-opening marketing support and kicking things off.

Feel Supported and Get in the Flow

The franchise model puts you in close contact with helpful support staff before, during, and after opening your first franchise location. Real estate and construction experts will help you find just the right location and strike the right balance of professional and fun for your Hot Dog on a Stick location.

You’ll also have instant access to Hot Dog on a Stick’s online resource library to help you make sense of your franchise disclosure document (FDD), financial challenges that you might encounter along your franchising journey, and strategies for further enhancing your Hot Dog on a Stick location.