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Are You Fit to Open a Hot Dog Business?

  • July 16, 2019

Hot dog consumption statistics in the US have increased year by year and there is undoubted popularity behind America’s favorite savory treat. Although the product may be a smash hit with the market, some entrepreneurs may still be hesitant to invest in hot dog business opportunities. Whether it is the qualifications surrounding this type of business or the capital required to open a location, opening a Hot Dog on a Stick is inclusive to all backgrounds. 

No Experience Needed

Our formula for opening a franchise has not been simplified; it has adapted to become inclusive to a range of backgrounds. The phrase ‘no experience needed’ isn’t exaggerated. Although other experiences may help you down the road with management, experience may not translate directly to hot dog business opportunities. With a large pool of franchisees, some of the background for our business owners that we have seen include restaurant owners, exectuives, and operators who don’t have experience specifically to franchising. Also, driven and excited entrepreneurs who may be entirely new for the food industry have learned to adapt quickly in managing their Hot Dog On A Stick. Within the training period with our hot dog business opportunities, our investors are brought into the fold soon with training on what their management might curtail.  In this training, our franchisees will receive and absorb the knowledge regarding Quick Service Restaurant industry management strategies that we give all of our franchisees.  Our investors have seen all different business experiences in their time, so we can’t limit our pool with the chance of excluding valued potential owners.  

Ideal Candidate Qualities For Our Hot Hog Business Opportunities

The requirements that we have associated with our brand are more relative to investors qualities rather than what they have done in the past.  The characteristics that we have listed for our franchisees to exuberate are the ones that we have associated with our model and brand to this point. These characteristics include confidence, ambition, self-motivation, and overall, a positive attitude. Along with all of this, we look for franchisees who have a passion for their work while working hard towards it and stay committed to this as well.  All of this combined with a high-quality product and customer care is why Hot Dog on a Stick is so focused on customer satisfaction. Our growing brand recognition has amplified our service and given our franchisees the ability to grow, some of which past a single unit investment.

What It Will Cost

When addressing the price points of investing in one of our hot dog business opportunities, we will explain the assumption of our too good to be true” model. We have broken down the financial commitments within our FDD. Having transparency regarding our costs is to extend our trust to our franchisees, so they will know exactly what their investment is being put toward in each stage of their business. We have also given our investors the ability to finance their investment, showing our support before you even start your training with us. We love to see our new locations open because we know our investors are that much closer to seeing growth within their business. The first step to seeing that kind of success is establishing an investment size and breaking down with our investors what chunk of their capital is available and realistic for them. This level of comfort is what makes our entrepreneurs feel safe, and the hunger to find a quick road to return on that investment in our hot dog business opportunities. 

If you want to find out more about Hot Dog on a Stick, or just learn more about our hot dog business opportunities, get in touch with us today