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Getting the Most Out of Your Multi-Unit Franchise

  • March 18, 2016

Are you considering opening a most profitable restaurant franchise? If so, you want a good business model with a great product; something that’s simple and easily branded.

If you have food and beverage experience or significant business management and sales experience, you might want to consider Hot Dog on a Stick—a proven franchise model that incorporates all of the above skills.

With Hot Dog on a Stick, you can quickly get up and running and you can also easily open multiple locations to serve more customers in any market that will support it.

most profitable restaurant franchise

Starting with One of the Most Thriving Franchises in Food

When it comes to food franchises, you’ve got options. But how many are really worth investing in? How many are even available? Contacting us is the first step to see if there is a territory available in your area to open a Hot Dog on a Stick.

We’re looking for potential franchise owners in primary and secondary markets throughout the United States with population centers of 50,000 or more people. If you live in an area that represents this market, we want to hear from you.

Building the Most Profitable Restaurant Franchise

Hot Dog on a Stick is owned and operated by Global Franchise Group (GFC), a company with a solid history of success and investment in building top global franchises, particularly in food and beverage franchises.

If you’ve never considered becoming a hardcore hotdogger, note that Hot Dog on a Stick has been in business since 1946!

GFC offers an iconic brand, simple and easy operational startup, best-in-category product and customer service, a small footprint for optimal cost efficiency and construction, and one of the easiest businesses to scale.

Opening Multiple Franchise Locations

Multi-unit franchising is usually a very expensive and complicated prospect, involving a lot of coordination, budgeting and administrative work to complete successfully.

However, with Hot Dog on a Stick, this process becomes much more simplified, so you can scale the business much more quickly to open multiple units in your community. Contact us to learn how we can give you all the help and support you need to open a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise today!

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Franchise