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Get Out of the Corporate Cycle and Work for Yourself

  • December 26, 2019

Wake up. Get out of bed. Go to work for someone you don’t even know. Have dinner. Go to bed. Do it all again and again. Escaping the corporate grind seems impossible. Besides lottery winners and trust fund babies, all of us work every day to pay our bills and live our lives and a steady job, no matter how dull or pointless, is a necessity. To get out of the corporate cycle you need to start working for yourself. If the idea of starting a business from scratch sounds so daunting that you would rather continue the rat race, franchising is for you. Opening in a hot dog stand franchise gets you out of the corporate cycle without leaving you to fend for yourself. 

Gain Independence

The most obvious perk of leaving the corporate world to own your own business is independence. Working for yourself is as satisfying as hand-stomped lemonade on a hot summer day. When it’s your business, you get to make important decisions that have a lasting impact. How many corporate workers can say that?

While it’s true that you have the independence and authority to run your business, we won’t deny that there is hard work involved in opening a hot dog stand franchise, especially in the beginning. However, Hot Dog on a Stick is here to walk our franchisees through the entire process from signing the franchise agreeing to running a store. 

No Experience Necessary

Lack of experience shouldn’t hold you back with a hot dog stand franchise. Regardless of whether you have experience in the kitchen or updating the books, your training will teach you everything you need to know about owning a Hot Dog on a Stick

Additionally, many of the skills that you develop in a corporate setting translate well into a small business setting. Skills like managing a team, communicating with employees and customers, and balancing a long to-do list will all come in handy when you are a small business owner. Pair your existing skills with training from an experienced organization and you have the tools you need. 

Move up the Ladder

You don’t like your job and you’re sick of your boss, but you know if you hold out a little longer you will be eligible for a promotion. Climbing the ladder at work is tempting but there are other ways to move up. Investing in Hot Dog on a Stick doesn’t leave you stagnant, it gives you virtually limitless opportunity. As the owner of a hot dog stand franchise, you have ample opportunity to grow your business and continue investing. Opening multiple locations in your area and co-branding with some of our sister companies are both options to expand your holdings. 

If entrepreneurship is calling your name and you’re ready to leave the corporate grind in the dust, get in touch with Hot Dog on a Stick! We’ll help you get started.