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Get All the Support You Need By Opening a Hot Dog on a Stick Franchise

  • January 19, 2017

If you’ve been thinking about running your own business, then you should strongly consider looking at a few franchise opportunities, such as Hot Dog on a Stick. Investing in a franchise allows you to own and run an already established business rather than attempting to build a new business from the ground up. There are a lot of advantages to doing this. For example, working with an established brand means that you won’t have to focus as many resources on building your brand identity or increasing brand awareness, and you’ll already have an established customer base as well.

One of the biggest advantages, though, is that you don’t need any kind of business background. This is because you’ll be given all the training and support you need to ensure that your franchise doesn’t fail.

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Franchise Support From Hot Dog on a Stick

Receiving support from a franchise is very different from starting your own business from the ground up, which tends to be a more sink or swim situation—in which most owners tend to sink. If you buy into a Hot Dog on a Stick franchise, you’ll be guaranteed full support from the franchise, thereby giving you the best chance to grow your business. Following are a few examples of how Hot Dog on a Stick supports its franchise owners:

Franchise Training

As a new franchise owner, you’ll be provided with full training at the GFG (Global Franchise Group) University in Atlanta. Here, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know in order to run your franchise on a daily basis. This includes how to run the back office, how to operate the Hot Dog on a Stick system, how to maintain your bookkeeping, and how to manage your personnel—among other things.

Initial Franchise Support

To make sure you get a running start from the very beginning, you’ll be provided with pre-opening support resources via the Hot Dog on a Stick real estate team, construction team, and marketing team. They will provide guidance about choosing a location and building your store, as well as helping with pre-opening marketing to spread awareness of your new franchise and get potential customers excited about your opening.

Continual Franchise Support

Hot Dog on a Stick doesn’t just cease its support once your training has ended and your store has opened, though. One of the things that sets Hot Dog on a Stick apart from many other franchises is that they provide all of their owners with an ongoing support system that you can turn to any time you need help or guidance. You’ll be provided with ongoing tech support, access to our marketing teams, and consultations with our field representatives.

Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of ongoing branding, access to regional events and a calendar of events, access to our marketing teams, and access to webinars and conventions to help you further educate yourself in the art and science of franchise ownership.

Contact Us for Franchise Opportunities

One of the reasons that starting your own business from the ground up is so risky is because you have no support—you’re all on your own without a safety net. Most franchise opportunities provide some sort of training and pre-opening support to ensure that you hit the ground running. However, here at Hot Dog on a Stick, we also provide ongoing support even after you’ve opened your store. For more information about investing in our franchise opportunities, be sure to contact us at Hot Dog on a Stick today.

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