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From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Franchise

  • March 23, 2016

There aren’t many restaurant franchises that have been around longer than thirty years, but Hot Dog on a Stick has been an American icon for seventy years—dating all the way back to 1946. If you haven’t been to one, you’ve heard of one. Some consider it one of the best hot dog franchise options on the marketplace today, and it’s easy to see why. But you’ve got to look at the root of Hot Dog on a Stick to really understand the tale. You’ll find it’s got all the hallmarks of an American story.

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Humble Beginnings to a Best Restaurant Franchise

Hot Dog on a Stick began as a dream on the beaches of Southern California. This dream took root, and through good, honest work, Hot Dog on a Stick began to flourish. There are now about eighty locations throughout the U.S. and the world.

That’s got America written all over it; and when you look into Dave Barham’s story, the picture only gets clearer. Dave Barham is the man who opened the first location seventy years ago.

The First Hot Dog on a Stick

It was on a Santa Monica beach, and Hot Dog on a Stick wasn’t its original name! Sure, that may seem like something somebody just dreamed up, but part of the ingenuity behind this franchise is the appeal to the lighter side of peoples’ thinking.

Hot Dog on a Stick is self-aware, and that mirror reflects a positive attitude toward customers. Such an attitude facilitates growth, and Dave Barham understood this all the way back when Hot Dog on a Stick was just Party Puffs.

Today, you can still get a sizzling dog on a stick and some satisfying, tart lemonade to sweeten the perfect Santa Monica sunshine. And Hot Dog on a Stick is only continuing to bring their considerately engineered franchise to the world.

If you’re looking for one of the best restaurant franchise options, you’d do well to consider a history like Hot Dog on a Stick’s.

Innovation in the Menu

Ice cream cones and lemonade were the original offerings at Party Puffs, but Dave’s mother had a cornbread recipe that was downright scrumptious. Dave’s intuition stuck a hot dog in it to the delight of beachgoers everywhere.

It was all so profitable, so there wasn’t any reason Dave saw to not bring his innovation on the road with him. So he did, selling them at county fairs and wherever there was a group of high-spirited Americans.

He set up one of the portable hot dog stands you’ve seen a thousand times on the streets on his Lincoln Continental and opened for business. Is there anything more American than using your own mettle and ability to make a living independently?

A Thriving Business

The best hot dog franchise options usually have stories like this silhouetting them, and it only makes sense. The kind of purveyors that have begun from nothing are going to run their business differently than an already existing corporate venture branching into a new form.

But Dave’s form was informed by the festive atmosphere of the county fair where high-spirited families grabbed a meal on the go and enjoyed themselves.

Dave brought berets, polka dots, hats of straw, and shorts to the new Hot Dog on a Stick before finally settling on today’s stripes-and-hat uniform. “Red, white, and blue—with a splash of lemonade!” That’s the way Dave describes it, and what an apt description!

If you’re looking to open a thriving franchise store, Hot Dog on a Stick might be one of the best restaurant franchise options to choose from. Contact us to learn more about how you can franchise with us today!

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