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Four Common Misconceptions About Hot Dog on a Stick

  • January 3, 2016

Everybody has to eat. It stands to reason then that investing in restaurant franchise opportunities would be a smart way to start a business. Actually, when you consider all the effort that goes into getting a restaurant up and running, it makes sense to work with an established brand like Hot Dog on a Stick. We’ve already proven that our business model works. All you have to do is follow the guidelines and capitalize on the brand.

Consider the popular Hot Dog on a Stick as one of your potential restaurant franchise opportunities. As you dig into your research, you’re going to discover a lot of positive aspects about this business. Of course, there are also misconceptions to delve into and things that you didn’t know before about franchising.


Misconceptions About Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Misconception #1: You’re Buying a Hot Dog on a Stick

This might come down to a matter of semantics, but you aren’t actually buying a Hot Dog on a Stick restaurant. Instead, you’re investing in a franchise system. These particular restaurant franchise opportunities are provided by us at Global Franchise Group. We are the parent company who oversees the Hot Dog on a Stick empire along with other franchises such as Great American Cookies, Marble Slab Creamery, and Pretzelmaker. The good thing with investing in this franchise system is that you’re going to get a lot more support than if you tried to create your own restaurant from scratch.

Misconception #2: Your Hot Dog on a Stick Will Run on Its Own

We are going to provide you with all the training and knowledge you’ll need to get your Hot Dog on a Stick up and running. The goal should be for you to hire a competent staff who can handle the day-to-day operations of that business. It’s not rocket science! Even though your staff can maintain the business, you won’t be able to completely “check out” as the owner. There are still decisions that have to be made on a regular basis. Besides, it’s just too much fun to stay away.

Misconception #3: This is a One Time Investment

Restaurant franchise opportunities are just like any other type of business. They will still need to be maintained with financial support. While it’s true that a big chunk of your investment will come at the beginning of the operation, you will need to plan ahead for other expenses that might not be able to come out of your profits. For instance, there could be an unforeseen weather incident that forces the store to close down for a day or two. That can put a dent in your operating budget, but we will show you what to look out for and how to plan ahead.

Misconception #4: You Won’t Have Any Say in Your Restaurant

Just because you’re part of a huge franchise family doesn’t mean you can’t exert your independence. It will still fall to you to set the store hours including the holiday schedule and you’ll also have the opportunity to reach out to the community with fundraising activities that you help create.

Is Hot Dog on a Stick a Good Franchise?

Is Hot Dog on a Stick a good franchise? The best way to find out if this can be a solid restaurant franchise opportunity is to find out more information. Visit our website to get more information about how you can open up your own Hot Dog on a Stick franchise today!

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