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Owning a Food Court Franchise: What No One is Talking About

  • February 18, 2016

There’s a lot to be said about owning a food court franchise located in a mall. You don’t have to construct an entirely new building. You don’t even have to furnish power and water in some cases.

But if you choose to invest in a hot dog food court franchise, there are a few challenges that many investors ignore until they become bigger issues. If you’re ready to invest, you need to be aware of these topics and ready to address them.

food court

Working for Three Bosses

Corporate: First, there’s the corporation that owns the food court franchise. Being the owner, “corporate” has the final say in how the business is run. They have already figured out the business model for the franchise; including décor, uniforms, and efficiency policies.

Mall Owners: Next in line are the mall owners. The intimate space inside a mall means these landlords have more control over your hot dog food court franchise than you may like, but all things considered, there are many more perks to opening a franchise inside of a food court than out.

Yourself: Finally there’s you. You are closest to your business and need to be able to run the show. You must have the skills to juggle these conflicting demands and keep the peace at your franchise.

Food Courts May Cost More

Depending on the location, real estate inside of a mall has the potential to be pricey. But compare that to how much business your store has the potential to attract by locating inside a shopping center. Malls contain a captured audience which is exactly what you’re targeting. Sometimes high rent is the cost of doing business.

You’ll be sure to attract more foot traffic than stand-alone locations. Plus, malls put consumers in that “shopping mindset” that makes them more likely to splurge.

What’s a Good Food Court Franchise?

Hot Dog on a Stick, of course! At Global Franchise Group, our business model can help you create a flourishing hot dog food court franchise. You’ll find that opening a franchise with us is a great business move!

Get more information about how you can become the next franchisee of Hot Dog on a Stick by visiting our website today. Becoming a part of the hot dog food court franchise family is only one step away!